Directed by a legendary Disney animator! The original video of the Netflix movie ‘Over the Moon’ has been revealed.

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From the Netflix movie 'Over the Moon' directed by Glen Keane, a legendary Disney animator, a six minute long original video has been revealed.

It features an important scene of the protagonist named Fei Fei setting out on an adventure to make her dream since childhood come true, and finally reaches 'the mystical moon village'.

"Over the Moon" is a fantasy adventure with hope and impression directed by Glen Keane, a legendary animator known for various Disney anime works including "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "Tangled", and others. This is the first time for him to direct a long film. The story follows a young girl that has kept believing "the legend of the moon goddess" since childhood, who sets out on a mystical adventure to the moon.

The main video revealed this time features Fei Fei, who has been dreaming to see "the moon goddess Chang'e", building a rocket to go to the moon, and finally reaching it. She and her bunny named Bungee almost succeed, but her rocket begins to crash to earth. She realizes that her brother Chin snuck aboard her rocket, and they get into a desperate situation, but suddenly, the rocket is captured in a mystical beam of energy.

While they are played with lions with wings that appear with the beam, they reach the moon that is surrounded by mystical light , which is just how they have been dreaming it would be. They are introduced by "Talking Mooncake" to a woman who sings with her beautiful voice.

Is she "the moon goddess Chang'e" that Fei Fei has been looking for since childhood? What kind of dreams and dramas of adventure are waiting for Fei Fei while she makes her own way through the adventure? Please check out the full version streamed exclusively on Netflix.

The movie "Over the Moon" is exclusively streamed on Netflix.

Directed by Glen Keane

Produced by Gennie Rim, Peilin Chou

Screenplay by Audrey Wells

Co-directed by John Kahrs

Voiced by Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Robert G Chiu, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Ruthie Ann Miles
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