“FGO the Movie: Camelot” Part 1, visitor benefit for the 1st week is an “illustration and text card” by Nasu Kinoko and Tenku Sphere

Anime November 25, 18:26 0
The 1st week visitor benefits of "Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Sacred Round Table of the Realm Camelot Part 1: Wandering; Agateram" which will be released in theaters across the country on December 5 have been revealed.

"Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Sacred Round Table of Camelot" is the first film animation of "Fate/Grand Order", which is based on the popular episode "The Sixth Singularity", for which Nasu Kinoko, who is in charge of the overall composition of the original game, is the scenario writer herself.

The first week visitor benefits, which will be distributed from December 5th, will feature an illustration by Tenku Sphere, the original character designer for the itinerant knight Bediviere, as well as an original text written by Nasu Kinoko. It will be a gorgeous illustrated card containing the text.

As the number is limited, it will end as soon as they are gone.

"Fate/Grand Order The Movie: The Sacred Round Table of Camelot Part 1: Wandering; Agateram' will be released in theaters all over Japan on December 5.

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