“Fist of the North Star” Omae wa mou Asondeiru! A Card Game to Beat Up “Mobs”!

Anime January 07, 10:53 0
From "Fist of the North Star" comes an easy-to-play party card game, "Fist of the North Star Seikimatsu Danmatsuma Yuugi" (Apocalyptic Death Cry Game), currently on sale on EC websites and at nationwide board game shops.

"Fist of the North Star Seikimatsu Danmatsuma Yuugi" is an exhilarating party game in which you beat up those "mobs" from "Fist of the North Star". The game has two simple playing modes: "Seikimatsu Hyakuretsu Yuugi" and "Seikimatsu Musou Yuugi".

In "Seikimatsu Hyakuretsu Yuugi", you aim to use your cards while echoing death cries. It's a high-speed game in which your instant judgment is the key to victory. And in "Seikimatsu Musou Yuugi", you aim to beat as many mobs as you can before being beaten by Kenshiro, a game of the mind in which strategy and tactics intertwine.

"Fist of the North Star Seikimatsu Danmatsuma Yuugi" is priced at 1,760 JPY (tax included), currently available at general retail stores since December 19, 2020.

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