From “Godzilla Singular Point”, Miyamoto Yume, Ishige Shouya, Kuno Misaki, Takagi Wataru, Kugimiya Rie, and other cast members have been announced! Character visuals have also been released

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Character visuals and members of the completely new TV anime series "Godzilla Singular Point " from the "Godzilla" series by Bonds x Orange have been announced.

In this work, two young geniuses, a female researcher, Kamino Mei, and a male engineer, Arikawa Yun, with the people around them take on an unprecedented threat to humankind. It is a completely new TV anime series with 13 episodes, based on the new original story that is completely different from the previous movies of the "Godzilla" series.

Bonds, one of Japan's leading animation production studios, and Orange, which handles high-quality CG animation that sets it apart from the others, have teamed up, Kato Kazue, the creator of "Blue Exorcist," is in charge of the original character design, and Ishino Satoshi is in charge of anime character design. It is a hybrid of hand-drawn animation and CG.

This time, character visuals and cast information have been announced.

Miyamoto Yume, known for her role as Rokka in "SSSS.GRIDMAN", will be voicing one of the main characters, female researcher Kamino Mei, and the other main character, male engineer Arikawa Yun, will be played by Ishige Shouya, who has a history of starring in the Shiki Theater Company's musical "The Lion King."

With Miyamoto and Ishige as chairmen, the cast includes Kuno Misaki, Takagi Wataru, Kugimiya Rie, Suzumura Kenichi, Okiayu Ryotaro, Koiwai Kotori, and Miyake Kenta.

"Godzilla Singular Point" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels in April 2021, and will be streamed exclusively worldwide on Netflix ahead of Japan.

Kamino Mei CV. Miyamoto Yume

I am very honored to be involved in the work of the "Godzilla" series, which is loved by many people in the world. I was too young and had never seen the Godzilla movies in the 1900s, but since I was chosen to be involved in this project, I watched all the Godzilla movies. I got immersed in it, and now I like Godzilla. Looking at this "Godzilla Singular Point", I think fans of Godzilla like me and people who already loved Godzilla will like it! I am happy to be supported by you. Please look forward to the broadcast.

Arikawa Yun CV. Ishige Shouya

I'm really happy that I can be involved in Godzilla's new work.

I am sure that Godzilla fans, as well as those who have never seen Godzilla movies, will enjoy "Godzilla Singular Point". I will play Yun, and since it will be a work that you can enjoy whole at once, please look forward to the monster look and what kind of story it will be!

Pero 2 CV. Kuno Misaki

I'm so happy that the time came where I'll be involved with that famous Godzilla series !! The completed episode is like watching a live-action film, and I forget that it's an anime... It is wonderful video work.

Since Pero 2 is an AI, there are many difficult expressions such as intelligence and emotional subtleties, and I always do my best episode by episode. Under such circumstances, it is thanks to the efforts of many staff members that we can do dubbing safely and deliver "Godzilla Singular Point" to everyone. As a cast, I am full of gratitude.

Jung CV. Kugimiya Rie

I played it with very various feelings from mysterious to extremely fun and confusing. Artificial intelligence is amazing! For example, I'm playing such an existence that 100 million people can't match!

I tried my best to keep up with Jung's specs. I hope everyone will enjoy the work!

Babel Katou CV. Kiuchi Taro

I got the chance to be involved in the work of the "Godzilla" series, which is loved by fans all over the world, and I am doing my best! When I auditioned, I did a lot of muscle training for 2 hours before I went in.

It would be great if you could feel the heat and bulk of the character Babel Katou.

Please enjoy the battle with the hottest monsters in the world of "Godzilla Singular Point"!

Otaki Gorou CV. Takagi Wataru

I am happy to be involved in the "Godzilla" series. It's a completely new TV anime, so I'm very excited.

He is kinda a very craftsman-like, slightly quirky old man who feels like, "I don't care about the details!", but it was fun to play. I'm looking forward to seeing how the finished product will look like! Let's immerse yourself in the world of this work!! Thank you!

Sato Junya CV. Azakami Yohei

While new Godzilla's works are evolving, there are many things that Godzilla fans can't stand.

For me, a big Godzilla lover whose dream as a child was to be "an extra escaping from Godzilla", I went mad when I heard the story, but as a member, I decided to do good work, "First of all, you calm down". Keeping that in mind, I played Sato with all my might.

Takehiro Kai CV. Suzumura Kenichi

I am very happy to be able to perform! As a person who loves tokusatsu, I am extremely glad just to participate in Godzilla's work! When I saw the set for the first time, my nerd's heart fluttered, "What! Draw that like this!"

People who know Godzilla's work can laugh, and those who do not know anything about Gozilla can enjoy it purely as an SF work. Please stay tuned!

Bayler "BB" Barn CV. Okiayu Ryoutaro

Finally, I was able to get involved in Godzilla's world! I'm honestly happy. And Godzilla is still about scientists!!! A person named BB will also play a part in this work. I'm studying the existence of a mystery related to Godzilla, but I can't say it at all (laughs) Look forward to it anyway! !!

My favorite is Jet Jaguar! What does it mean to be revived in the present age? !! Will it be a doll again? 

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