From the Chapter 2 of “Transformers” to “Attack on Titan: Final”… “Netflix” December Anime Lineup

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From the online streaming service "Netflix", the anime notice lineup for December 2020 has been announced.

"Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy Chapter II Earth Rise", a must-see work for "Transformers" fans, is finally available. There are many notable titles, including the last season of "Attack on Titan" "Attack on Titan: Final".

"Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy Chapter II Earth Rise" will be exclusively streamed worldwide on December 30.

Megatron is facing the harsh reality where he has lost the "All Spark" that is the source of the star's life and power, and his Decepticons have been left behind by the perishing Cybertron. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime's party desperately searching for information about the All Spark encounter mercenaries who roam the universe. Along with "Chapter I: Siege", which is being exclusively streamed worldwide, we can enjoy the long-awaited Chapter II of the new "get to the heart of the matter" animated series, a must-see for "Transformers" fans.

The new series of "Attack on Titan: Final" will be released every Monday from December 7. It is the final chapter of the anime "Attack on Titan".

The sea that people, who spent their lives behind the walls, saw for the first time... Eren Yeager aimed at, and beyond that, there was a never-ending war. Who are they and what are they fighting for? Now, a young man is ready to die and throws himself into the front line.

Other new anime on the recommended to watch lineup include: "Psycho-Pass 3", "Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai" (additional streaming of epi. 6 - 10), "Gintama: The Movie", "Wonderland", "Prince of Tennis National Tournament", and other titles.

There is also a chance to rewatch 2020 Netflix original works such as "Aggressive Retsuko Season 3", "Japan Sinks 2020", "A Whisker Away", "Baki the Grappler: Otsudaisai Hen", "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045".
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