Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 1 Impressions/Review

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 1 follow.

In my opinion, Full Dive had a great first episode that left me hopeful for the series.

In a Japan much like our own, VRMMO’s are everywhere. It’s a much more established way of gaming. Our main character is a high school boy named Hiro Yuuki (hah). He finds real life to be a drag.

The ep starts with several examples of how shitty his life is. By the way, I’m happy I get to officially use the word “shittier” in my article. It’s in the anime title! Can’t help it! As I was saying - Hiro’s life is shitty - he’s being push by a career counselor who doesn’t know anything, bullies take his money, he no longer runs on the track team (probably because of an injury), and he accidentally gives the bullies the money he needed to buy the new game he’s excited about.

But it was all meant to be. Not having enough money meant Hiro had to try his luck at a strange nearby game store. A tiny, dingy one with a store clerk named Reona Kisaragi. She's a beautiful girl with incredibly huge oppai. Reona is quite pushy and basically tricks Hiro into buying an old game he didn’t want. The game is called Kiwame Quest.

Hiro seriously doubts the game is any good but goes home and gives it a try. He dives into it and immediately notices how crazy realistic everything looks and feels. He can even feel the wind hit him.

Just as Hiro is admiring how awesome the game is, he meets the first NPC’s. His childhood friends, Alicia and Martin. Their introduction is sweet and simple enough, like the start of most RPG’s. And again, their behavior and speech is super realistic.

Then things take an unexpected dark turn when Hiro tells them he wants to leave the town. The two can’t believe it because leaving pretty much means death. So Martin tries to smack sense into Hiro by punching him. And with this game, the pain is just as real as it is in reality! Surprise! That’s why no one liked this ten year old game.

Hiro, totally fed up with his situation, tackles Martin back. But it’s right when Martin is sticking an apple slice in his mouth with his knife. The tackle causes the knife to stab all the way through his head in a grizzly murder scene that totally took me by surprise! 

Alicia is furious at the death of her brother and runs after Hiro. Hiro runs away and is able to lose her. Reona shows up, as a beautiful fairy with incredibly huge oppai. She laments Hiro’s new title: best friend killer! And that ends the first ep.

So far, so good. Nice balance of gags, drama and fan service!

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