“GHOST IN THE SHELL” will be broadcast on BS12 in “Nichiyou Anime Gekijou”, which will be a completely renewed “2.0” version directed by Oshii Mamoru

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Director Mamoru Oshii's epoch-making sci-fi animation "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell 2.0" will be broadcast on BS12 (Twelbi) in "Nichiyou Anime Gekijou" from 7:00 pm on February 21, 2021.

"GHOST IN THE SHELL" is a sci-fi animation in which director Mamoru Oshii made a movie of the same-named manga by Shirow Masamune and made a record hit not only in Japan but also in the United States.

Not only the quality of drawing and the beauty of images that make full use of digital, but also the surreal and multi-layered world by director Oshii is excellent. Another highlight is the realistic gun action that the director himself was particular about.

"Ghost in the Shell 2.0" to be broadcast this time is a version of the work released in 1995 that introduced a new 3DCG cut and the latest digital effects, and the director himself performed a complete renewal work on all the cuts.

"GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0" will be broadcast on BS12 (Twelbi) in "Nichiyou Anime Gekijou" from 7:00 pm on February 21, 2021.
 ■ Story

In order to combat crimes that are becoming more complex and vicious in an ultra-advanced networked society, the government has formed an unofficial super-regulatory special force of elite cyborgs led by Major Kusanagi Motoko, the squad leader. This is how Public Security Section 9, commonly known as "Ghost in the Shell" was born.

One day, an intelligence source in a certain country warns the Ghost in the Shell that "Puppet Master," as he is known, who appears mainly in the EU and is wanted internationally for stock price manipulation, information manipulation, political manipulation, and terrorism, will appear in Japan. Motoko pursues the shadow of the "Puppet Master" who hides in the midst of crime.

(C) 1995, 2008 Shirow Masamune / Kodansha, Bandai Visual, MANGA ENTERTAINMENT
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