Goodbye, all Evangelions… Special Image Looking Back at the Famous Lines of “Evangelion: 3.0+1.01” in 11 Languages

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“Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time” announced the worldwide release of the movie through Amazon Prime Video starting from August 13th, 2021. To commemorate this release, Amazon has disclosed a special image looking back at the famous scenes of this latest movie among the past three titles, “EVANGELION: 1.0 YOU ARE ALONE.“, “EVANGELION: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE.“, and “EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO.”

“Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time” is the fourth and final series of “Evangelion” that has been released from March 8th, 2021. Up to now, the total box office has topped 10 billion dollars.

The latest title will be released worldwide on August 13th, and Amazon has disclosed the special image of the “Evangelion” series to celebrate this epoch-making event. This image has combined the famous scenes of the four titles that would go down in Anime history and will look back at them in 11 languages.

The image contains famous lines read aloud in the original Japanese and those dubbed in 10 other languages including English, French, German, Italian, Brazilia-Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Korean. For example, the famous line of Shinji Ikari “I mustn't run away, I mustn’t run away” is in Japanese, but “You should try smiling.” is dubbed in French. Also, Kaworu Nagisa’s “I’m looking forward to seeing you-Shinji Ikari.” is said in German and “Goodbye, all Evangelions.” is in English.

All of the scenes packed in the 2-minutes-35-seconds-long image have moved people all around the world, and are a must-see for all Evangelion lovers.

“Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time” will be released worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on August 13th, 2021.

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