How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 11 Review - Gaius Falls into Souma's Trap

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 10, we get a lot of twists and turns in this exciting isekai series!

Souma has successfully infiltrated Vargas’ castle while Vargas’ air force was busy with the battleship. Souma’s supposed to be a realist, but goes to the frontlines? I see no merit in throwing himself into such a dangerous mission. That’s not how a king operates. But whatever.

Aisha fights Vargas on behalf of Souma. They’re evenly matched. Then we get another surprise- the mascot puppet actually had Liscia inside! Liscia uses an ice attack that immobilizes Vargas, giving Aisha a chance to knock him down with a strong hit.

Vargas accepts his defeat and puts on a collar, with Souma considered the collar master. If the master is hurt in any way, the collar will shrink down and cut off Vargas’ head. Carla finally arrives, but it’s too late. As Vargas orders, she accepts defeat as well. So now Souma has Vargas’ Air Force wyverns on his side!

Souma, Liscia, and Aisha take Carla in a flying carriage. Why Vargas isn’t there too, I’m not sure. Liscia begs for Carla’s life, but both Souma and Carla understand she and Vargas have to be put on trial. They were given every chance to obey the king, and did not. They must face consequences in front of the kingdom.

They stop at Halbert’s and Kaede’s fort in Randel and praise them for holding things down. Ludwin as well.

Meanwhile, the shitty aristocrats complain to Carmine about the situation. But surprise, Carmine puts master collars on all the aristocrats and declares they have lost!

Souma reveals to Carla that Carmine was always loyal to Souma. He simply pretended to be rebellious, to lure out all the aristocrats who feel that way to his side. Where he can capture them for Souma. Their mercenaries as well!

All that’s left is Gaius and the Amidonia army at Altomura. Excel reveals herself to Gaius and puts up a huge viewing screen made of water with Souma declaring war on Amidonia for their treachery. Souma says his troops are on the way to burn down their capital city, Van

So Gaius’ forces rush back to Van as fast as possible, taking the only known shortcut. They have to pass through a canyon. And at the canyon, Juna and several ninja-looking troops working for Souma annihilate the Amidonian army below with arrows. Their forces go from 30,000 to 15,000.

Gaius is able to round up reinforcements from the villages, but it’s not a wise way to treat his people. And Souma troops are already there to great Gaius at Van!

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