How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 2 Review - Souma and Liscia Discuss the Cotton Problem

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with Souma narrating how magic and crazy creatures allow for transportation and conveniences in this new isekai world, but there isn’t much in the way of modern technology the way Souma had it back home. The narration gives us an excuse for a nice shower fan service shot of Liscia, I believe. That said, Souma concludes that he is now the king of a feudal country.

One of Souma’s advisors takes him to a device to see if he can use magic. He can, and it’s a strange kind, but definitely one useful for his work.

Liscia comes into Souma’s office to find him and his staff working on tons of documents. Souma is using his magic to control three pens to do writing. He can transfer his consciousness into three objects to work on their own. He names the technique “Living Poltergeist.”

Anyways, all this paperwork is basically doing accounting, balancing the budget, that sort of thing to get Elfrieden back on track.

In another part of the castle, Albert wonders how Souma and Liscia are doing. And his wife Elisha thinks they’re doing just fine. She seems to be very intuitive.

Liscia was working so hard for Souma that she finally fell asleep. Souma enjoys watching over her for a few seconds, and she cutely wakes up embarrassed.

Then Souma takes her to see some fields. They share a horse and she steers it. Liscia sneakily asks if Souma left behind a girlfriend in the other world, and he says nope, I was totally single and alone.

So, Souma explains to Liscia that the food shortage happened when Elfrieden and its neighboring countries started growing too much cotton. It was easy money at first, but then the market got saturated with it, weakening Elfrieden’s finances. And the increase in cotton fields meant a decrease in edible fields. So Elfrieden is having trouble growing its own food and doesn’ have the money to buy food from other countries. Souma’s plan is to give farmers subsidies to start growing food again.

Liscia is ashamed she never realized this herself and says she’s a failure as a leader. But Souma just wants this opportunity to teach her. So that when he’s gone, maybe back to his own world, she can be a great leader to replace him.

Later, Souma uses a Gemstone Broadcast, which conveniently works like television, to advertise recruitment of his retainers. He makes a call for people who think they are the best at what they do, whatever they do. And says if you are selected, you get a monetary reward for joining.

During this broadcast, we are introduced to a number of characters who will answer the call.

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