How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 3 Review - Souma Meets Aisha, Juna, Poncho, Hakuya and Tomoe

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Thoughts after the third episode - overall I’m enjoying this anime for being more thoughtful than other isekai anime, but this particular ep felt a bit too slow for me.

It starts with Souma narrating that he has an auto-translate ability in his mind because he’s a Hero, making him fluent in this parallel world’s only language. But if he plays a Japanese video to its inhabitants, it just sounds like gibberish to them. That will come into play later.

Then it cuts to morning where Liscia is waking up from a pleasant dream remembering her chats with Souma. She ponders marrying him to anchor him to Elfrieden. Nice excuse since she’s got the hots for him.

So the best of the best have already been selected to have an audience with the King (Souma). At least the first round has. And it’s the same five people we saw at the end of the last episode.

The first is Aisha Udgard, a female dark elf selected for her military ability. But instead of the monetary reward, she asks the King for his wisdom in saving the thinning trees of her forest. Apparently, his basic modern knowledge on the best way to thin trees was somehow unknown to her people after who knows how many centuries taking care of the forest. But whatever. After Souma gives her a few sentences of advice, she pledges her undying loyalty and calls him Master, even willing to be his concubine.

The second person is Juna Doma, who may be the best songstress in the whole world. She’s busty, gorgeous and has an incredible voice. Souma plays a Japanese song for her with his phone, and because of her incredible talent she memorizes it and is able to sing it immediately. It’s played through the gemstone broadcast and everyone loves it, but since it’s in Japanese, isn’t it gibberish to them? Well, whatever. The cutest part was when Liscia was jealous of her, and with one look, Souma told her to calm down. I’d be worried about that beauty, too, Liscia.

Third up is Poncho Panacotta, a chubby human. One-dimensional, stereotypical overweight loser type. They even make his background music dumpy. Anyways, he’s an expert on food, having tried everything from everywhere. Souma says he will be extremely important to the country. But we’ll have to see how in a later episode.

Fourth person to introduce himself is Hakuya Kwonmin. Basically a smart guy who reads a lot of books. Hakuya was sizing up Souma with what value he saw in Poncho. Souma passed. So now Hakuya wants to be Souma’s right-hand strategist. And through narration, we find out that after spending some time with him, Souma accepts him for the job.

The last person is Tomoe Inui, a Mystic Wolf girl who can communicate with animals. She’s definitely the timid type. She whispers something shocking to Souma, but we’ll have to wait until next ep to find out what!

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