How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 5 Review - Souma, Liscia and Aisha Go on a Date

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So after a weak of waiting, we find out the mystery food that shocks all the taste testers last week. It’s a gelin, which in any other Japanese fiction would be called a slime! Usually gelins turn into a gooey mess when killed, but Poncho says that if you destroy just the nucleus within, the surface membrane stays intact. With a few methods, you can evaporate the liquid and firm up the gelin enough to be cooked. Cut it into long pieces and what do you get? Something that looks conveniently like udon noodles! 

Because the food looks familiar to Souma, the testers make him try it first. It’s actually pretty good, and Souma thinks they taste more like kudzu noodles than udon. After he tries it, the other testers dig in and they enjoy the noodles, too! Aisha especially loves slurping them up.

And with that, the program ends. Souma tells the people of the kingdom that they’ll do a follow-up program if they enjoyed this one enough. And the kingdom absolutely loved it!

Later on, Marx and Hakuya have a discussion with Souma. Basically, Marx wants to step down from his role as Prime Minister. He feels now is the right time, and Hakuya would be the perfect replacement for him. With that said, Marx knows the kingdom’s finances are not great at the moment. So instead of taking his big monetary reward, he’s just going to stay and advise Souma. Just a to a lesser extent than before, I guess. Souma agrees to all this.

Hakuya’s first recommendation to Souma as the new Prime Minister is for Souma to take a break. He feels those under him won’t be able to relax unless Souma does first and his servants see him relax.

So Souma, Liscia and Aisha go on a date. They dress up in academy clothes and glasses to remain in disguise. What doesn’t make sense to me is why they go in disguise when Souma is supposed to be showing people that he is relaxing.

By the way, we learn at this point that everyone thinks Souma is Souma’s first name. He explains it’s his given name. The fool forgot he was in a new world where first names are stated first. So, as a nickname to stay in secret, the girls call him by his actual first name - Kazuya.

The three spend the day going around the market and then end with a gelin udon lunch at Juna’s restaurant. Gelin Udon has been quite popular with the locals. All the new foods introduced have been a big help, but the food shortage is still a serious problem and will take time to fix.

Anyways, the conversation nonchalantly turns to Aisha offering her body to Souma, as she’s done multiple times. And Souma being taught that polygamy is okay in this kingdom. So basically, the harem life is legitimately not a problem, and Liscia is willing to share Souma with seven other girls.

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