How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 6 Review - Souma Learns Carmine Opposes Him

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with more world building. Elfrieden is protected by three military Dukedoms - the army led by Duke Georg Carmine, the navy led by Duchess Excel Walter, and the air force led by Duke Castor Vargas. All three are of different races. And then there’s also the Forbidden Army that answers to the King and consists of the Royal Guard. It used to include mercenary units, but they were terminated.

If the human king ever became a tyrant, the Dukedoms were a kind of check to take him down.

Then we get back to the scene that ended last week. Souma, Liscia, Aisha, and Juna overhear two customers talking - Halbert Magna, a good horsemen and heir to the noble Magna family, and Kaede Foxia, a Mystic Fox that serves as a mage for the Forbidden Army

The two talk about how Halbert is seriously considering joining Duke Carmine’s forces, who is going against Souma as the new king. Halbert wants to prove his greatness if a civil war breaks out in Elfrieden. Kaede begs him not to, saying Carmine is joining forces with the Principality of Amidonia and nobles who have been punished for indecency, so Carmine can’t be fighting for a just cause.

Amidonia is the only country that is hostile to Elfrieden. Other neighboring countries are neutral towards it. Amidonia is trying to play both sides - the king and the Dukes - offering aid to both. In reality, they want civil war to break out so that they can take land and resources no matter what side wins.

After listening enough to the two, Souma reveals himself and asks Kaede and Halbert to join them in a private room to discuss. Kaede sees through Souma’s disguise right away. But Halbert is to dense, and he’s an ass to Souma at first. Finally we get a little action - Aisha crushes his face so that he shuts his dumb mouth. Finally, Halbert figures out he’s the king, and appropriately trembles in fear.

Souma is calm, saying he’ll respect Halbert to make his choice about who to follow in a civil war. But he advises not to join Carmine, because Kaede would be under the King’s side, and the two would end up on opposing sides of the war, maybe even taking each other’s life.

After, we get some nice fan service between Liscia and Souma. She’s impressed with how he took care of those two. She even lets him lie down on her lap. Then the subject of getting married comes up. And Liscia is surprisingly quite bold, asking Souma if he thinks he’ll ever love her.

Later, Glaive Magna comes with Halbert and Kaede to have an audience with Souma in the throne room. He apologizes about Halbert, who he beat up. Souma places Kaede in the Royal Guard, and makes Halbert her adjutant.

Glaive has an important secret to tell Souma. It’s heavy news, but we won’t know what it is until next week!

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