How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 7 Review - Liscia Kisses Souma on the Cheek

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I thought this ep would continue exploring possible war with Carmine. But nope, guess we’ll come back to that later on.

The ep begins with Souma narrating how magic works in the world. His Forbidden Army is filled with a lot of earth magic users. His Living Poltergeist technique is an example of dark magic.

He decides to use his Living Poltergeist to control a giant version of his mascot ninja looking thing. The mascot joins an adventurer party to investigate the underground sewers of Parnam. One of the female adventurers, Yuno, doubts he’ll be any good, but it turns out he’s quite OP and takes care of most monsters they find by himself.

Finally, the party comes across a giant salamander which can’t be defeated, so the adventurers run away. As they run, the mascot trips. Yuno helps him out but almost gets hit with the salamander’s acid. Master Mascot saves her, and she kind of falls in love with him. Even Souma’s dopey mascot is getting ass.

Some days later, Souma thanks his personnel for working so much overtime. They were able to figure out the budget for a new important Venetinova project. He goes as far as to saying what they did will be more helpful to the kingdom than any soldier’s contribution on the battlefield. That’s nice.

With the Venetinova project, Souma plans to build a bay city that will allow important trade routes to be built for the kingdom. He explains to Liscia that this should greatly help the economy. As more supply is produced, the price of items will be driven down. This should especially help the food shortage.

After the speech to the personnel, Liscia speaks with Souma privately. She’s worried he’s overexerting himself. He has been, so he takes a nap. And Liscia uses the opportunity to steal a kiss on his cheek. Awwww. Isekai fan service.

After he wakes up, Liscia, Aisha, and he go to the site where construction is supposed to begin. But Ludwin says there’s a problem. An old villager nearby says a kaijin, a god of the sea, would destroy any city they build there.

Souma looks into it and speaks with the old villager and other villagers. He then meets up with Ludwin and Hakuya to discuss building at a second site close by. Most likely, the kaijin is just referring to a tsunami that may have hit the original planned site hundreds of years ago, and it’s a cautionary tall tale.

Liscia continues to be quite straightforward and asks Aisha if she likes Souma. Aisha seems a little dense and says yes, she respects him.

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