How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 3 Review - Julius Gets Van Back, but at a Heavy Cost

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following, How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 2, this ep begins in the throne room. Where they’re making the official declarations of the results from the negotiations between Elfrieden and the Empire. And guess who is not happy about the results? That dumbass, Julius of Amidonia, of course.

Amidonia must pay reparations - 2 years worth of the country’s annual budget, over the next 10 years in payments. If they are late on payments, the Empire will support Elfrieden taking back Van.

“Paying reparations makes us look like we were defeated,” says Julius to Jeanne, shocked and appalled. That’s because you were, idiot. Jeanne claps back, if you don’t like these terms, the Empire will remove itself from this dispute, intervene no further, and you can go back to warring against Elfrieden. Even though you’ll obviously lose. Dumbass. The Empire will also expel Amidonia from the Mankind Declaration. Meaning Amidonia’s neighboring countries might prey on it without the Mankind Declaration’s protection.

Jeanne goes on to say that Amidonia’s punishment will act as precedent for any other country aiming to exploit the Mankind Declaration.

Souma also wants some collateral. Amidonia’s only gemstone, and their libraries. An idiot like Julius doesn’t see the value of books, so he doesn’t sweat giving those away.

Julius demands POW’s be returned, but Souma says he’ll have to pay ransom for notable figures.

After signing contracts, the talk ends with Julius storming off, but Souma tries to advise him to be careful - that his people won’t be happy with the handover. Jeanne calls Julius a fool for not listening to Souma. The lords and commoners of Amidonia won’t respect Julius, who only got his country back with the Empire’s help, not on his own merit.

With that, Souma’s crew leave Van. And the Amidonian people look sad about it.

Jeanne returns to the Empire and gushes about how amazing Souma is to her sister Maria, the Empress. Maria in turn muses that Souma sounds like he’s bringing on a revolution, not the typical image of a “hero” who defeats a Demon Lord. Maria is excited to speak to Souma for the first time. 

Souma secretly attends a party to honor adventurers in Elfrieden. He disguises himself in his mascot warrior costume. But his adventurer party, especially Yuno, gets him wasted. Liscia has to take him out of the party and take care of him. It’s cute how Liscia teases him for Yuno crushing on him as mascot warrior.

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