How about characters who look good in a kimono? 2nd is shared between Chia from “Is the Order a Rabbit?” and Enma Ai from “Hell Girl”, and 1st place goes to…

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October 29 is Kimono Day.

It is an anniversary established out of a pun: yoi (9) wa (0) fu (2) ku (9) (good western clothes).

Opportunities to wear kimono, traditional Japanese clothing, are decreasing, but it is not uncommon for anime and game characters to love wearing them. The unusual kimono appearance can be very impressive.

Here, at Anime! Anime!, we conducted a reader survey entitled "What character looks the best in a kimono ?" We received responses from 149 people during the survey period from October 17 to October 24.

The male-female ratio is about 30% for males and about 70% for females. About 60% of the age group were minors and about 25% were in their 20s.

■ Cute and cool! Gather together characters who look good in a kimono 

1st place 

1st place goes to Izumi Kyoka from "Bungo Stray Dogs" with an approval rating of about 9%.

Izumi Kyoka is a character who loves kimono, and her characteristic manner is to turn up only the right sleeve. We received many comments praising the red kimono, "She's an assassin, but she is lovely and the kimono looks great on her", and "She always wears a kimono, so she came to my mind first."

2nd place

2nd is shared between Chia from "Is the Order a Rabbit?" and Enma Ai from "Hell Girl". With an approval rating of about 6%.

Chiya is a signboard girl of a Japanese-style coffee shop, Ama Usa An. At the shop, she wears a green kimono, and readers commented on how she fits the idea of the perfect Japanese woman, "She is the only slightly S beautiful Japanese-style girl."

Enma Ai is the main character of this anime. Fans praised and longed for a splendid furisode visual, "With long black hair and in a kimono, she looks like a Japanese doll. I was also impressed with the line, 'Would you like to die ?'", and "Patterns on a black kimono when she moves are amazing. Depending on the series, there are floral patterns and the temaris (balls of traditional Japanese art) are moving, so I really wanted to wear it at the coming-of-age ceremony."

■ Let's introduce other comments

About Kamado Nezuko from "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", "Because the kimono with the hemp leaf pattern looks good, and she knows it."

About Ryougi Shiki from "The Garden of Sinners," "I think that being able to wear a leather jacket over a kimono is something that goes beyond the ideas of ordinary people, and that is a considerable skill in wearing a kimono "

About Ayase Chihaya from "Chihayafuru", "At the time of the Karuta tournament, her look in hakama was cool and brave!"

About Haneda Shukichi from "Detective Conan" as a character related to traditional Japanese competitions,"He often wears kimono because he is a professional shogi player", and "His look in a kimono when he is competing is cool!"

In this survey, not only the characters who usually wear kimono but also the characters who sometimes show up in kimono are also left their marks. It is also characterized by the fact that there are many characters in works based on historical drama, such as "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" and "Gintama."

■ Ranking Top 20

"What character looks in kimono best?"

1st place Izumi Kyoka "Bungo Stray Dogs"

2nd place Ujimatsu Chiya"Is the Order a Rabbit?"

2nd place Enma Ai "Hell Girl"

4th place Shimura Tae "Gintama"

4th place Ryougi Shiki "The Garden of Sinners"

6th place Isono Fune "Sazae-san"

6th place Kamado Nezuko "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"

8th place Ayase Chihaya "Chihayafuru"

8th place Sonoda Umi "Love Live!"

8th place Haneda Shukichi "Detective Conan"

11th place Sakata Gintoki "Gintama"

12th place Isono Namihei "Sazae-san"

12th place Tamase "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"

14th place Ozaki Koyo "Bungo Stray Dogs"

14th place Kurosawa Dia "Love Live! Sunshine !!"

14th place Takasugi Shinsuke "Gintama"

14th place Hotogi Shirayuki "Aria the Scarlet Ammo"

14th place Munechika Mikazuki "Touken Ranbu: ONLINE"

14th place Mouri Ran "Detective Conan"

14th place Moriyama Shiemi "Blue Exorcist"

(Survey period: October 17, 2020-October 24, 2020)
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