“How NOT to Summon a Demon LordΩ” DJ KOO and MOTSU will become the guest voice actors! Demon Edelgard will experience a part-time job!? Episode 7 sneak peek

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From the TV anime "How NOT to Summon a Demon LordΩ", the summary and sneak peek for episode 7 "Young Girly Demon Lord", scheduled on Thursday, May 20, 2020, have been released. It was also announced that DJ KOO and MOTSU, the artists who are in charge of the opening and ending theme songs, will appear in the anime as guest characters.

The original work of "How NOT to Summon a Demon LordΩ" is the light novel by Murasaki Yukiya (author) and Tsurusaki Takahiro (original character design), which marked more than 3 million sales. The 1st TV season was broadcast in 2018, and the 2nd season is currently being broadcast. 

The protagonist Sakamoto Takuma got summoned into another world with his form in the video game and he began to play the role of the demon lord called "Demon Lord-Diablo" to advance the journey with ultimate powers to make "An Adventure of Dream and Magic".

The title for episode 7 is "Young Girly Demon Lord".

Diablo decides to visit Faltra City one after being requested to go to the central city by Lumachina.

Diablo and his companions worry that what Klem is doing after they left and eventually learns from Sylvie that they are at the bakery. Surprisingly that Edelgard is working at the bakery as a part-time job.

Diablo, being interested , decided to visit her.

TV anime "How NOT to Summon a Demon LordΩ" episode 7 "Young Girly Demon Lord" was broadcast from Thursday, May 20, 2021, on TBS.

Moreover, DJ KOO and MOTSU singing the opening and ending theme songs "EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!" and "YOU YOU YOU" will participate in the episode as the guests. Please pay close attention to find them in the episode.

Full comments are listed below


DJ KOO will try the voice actor for the first time!

I will not tell where I will be appearing at!

I recorded my role with a strong passion, so please look forward…DO DANCE!!


I was anxious that our uniqueness hurt the atmosphere of the anime…lol

I paid close attention not to bother the main casts, and I did my best to merge my characters in the anime!

© Murasaki Yukiya, Kodansha/ How NOT to Summon a Demon LordΩ

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