I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 1 and 2 Review - Leo Joins the Demon Lord's Army

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 1

The series begins with the protagonist, the hero Leo, in a destroyed, modern world. Someone is yelling at him to do whatever he wants, even run if he wants to. The protagonist agrees.

The hero has traveled far and made it to a destroyed castle. He has an audience with the Demon Lord, Echidna and her generals, the Elite Four. He says he wants to join the Demon Lord’s army, despite being the fated hero who annihilated the Demon Lord’s army. Echidna’s pissed off at the sight of him and doesn’t listen to a word he says. She kicks him out.

The hero narrates his back story. He was called on by the king to join other elite heroes to defeat the Demon Lord’s army. But he was much better and stronger than those elites. He defeated the army by himself, mostly.

In the present, he meets with the Elite Four behind Echidna’s back to plead his case. And we get to hear more backstory, about how he defeated each of them. This is to prove how much of an asset he is.

He defeated Edvard, probably with magic or tricks. Next, he defeated Mernes with a spell that also destroyed the Mercenary Guild, and pissed off the citizens. Then he defeated Lili, who is like a naive kid. And last he defeated Dianette Shutina, a great magic user, by sealing off all magic during their fight. 

Of course, he also defeated Echidna in her dragon form. But instead of being praised for defeating her, the people he saved feared him. They suspected he would be the next Demon Lord. So assassins were sent to kill Leo, but they all failed. The king then turned him away, and he decided to enlist in Echidna’s army to rebuild it.

The Elite Four reluctantly agree to give him a chance and give him one month probation as an employee. But the army is facing a ton of problems. So he has his work cut out for him.

Episode 2
Ep 2 moves rather slow. It begins to show how Leo will rebuild the demon army. 

He has a rough start, pissing off his supervisor, Shutina. Of course, Shutina can’t beat him up because he’s too OP.

Basically, at the beginning of the ep, Shutina has poor management skills, leading to her being overworked. He promises to make things better. But before he does that, he appears to Shutina to be loafing and useless. So he pisses her off more.

In the end, Leo surprises her. He shows her better management technique, and he was able to laze about because of that. He delegates the task of replenishing mana reactors, freeing up her time and energy. She thanks him, just as he predicted she would.

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