I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 10 Review - Leo Battles Echidna and the Generals to the Death!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 9, Leo has just declared that Echidna and the generals will have to destroy him to get the second Philosopher’s Stone. His heart.

They don’t believe him. They’re shocked. Leo quickly becomes a villain. Echidna has a flashback to when she was young. Warned never to fight the monster Hero known as Leo because he’s too powerful. And now she really has to fight him.

Leo demands that they prove their mettle. He strikes the ground. It’s so powerful that all the snow around them gets completely blown away!

Then he immediately starts attacking Echidna with sword strikes, She can barely defend and dodge his attacks.

Echidna and the generals think Leo might have gone insane. But he swears he’s in his right mind. He’s simply living for his job right now, to keep the world safe.

Echidna tells Leo his actions will devastate the very land he’s trying to protect. Leo says that’s fine, after protecting the world for so long, it’s best to start from scratch.

As Leo continues his attacks, especially on Echidna, Edvard and Shutina see no choice but to fight back. But Leo’s just too powerful for them. While defending Shutina from Leo’s magic attack, Edvard’s back is badly injured.

Lily begs Leo to stop. He says he’ll help listen to his problems, the same way Leo helped her in the past. But Leo is not moved by her words and hits Lily with an attack while she’s unguarded.

Finally, Echidna and the other generals realize they have to get serious. There’s no reasoning with Leo, so either he dies, or they die.

Shutina uses a high-level skill attack on Leo, and Edvard transforms into dragon mode, but neither moves work against him. Leo brutally knocks out Edvard.

Shutina and Echidna are able to trap Leo and set him on fire, but it does almost no damage to him. Then Echidna realizes that Leo’s defense power grows stronger with every attack. 

Mernes steps into the fight. But his super speed still isn’t enough against Leo. Mernes calls Leo out on his bullshit lies. He knows Leo doesn’t mean the things he says. But before Mernes can finish talking, Leo freezes him, taking him out of the fight. Lily gets up and does her best to fight Leo in beast form, even though she loves Leo. She’s quickly taken out by a lightning attack.

Echidna finally decides to use her one trump card, a hero-binding spell she was taught by her father to use against the Hero. It’s called Anti-Leo. But it takes 42 seconds to finish chanting the spell. Telepathically, she asks Shutina to buy her that time.

So Shutina fights Leo. She does her best, and again calls Leo out on his BS. She tells Leo that he doesn’t want to destroy the world, and doesn’t hate it or hate demons either. He hates himself and is looking for a way to finally die. And he’s playing the villain so that he can be killed off before he loses control. Then Leo knocks her out.

It’s enough time for Echidna to activate Anti-Leo.

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