I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 7 Review - Leo Teaches Edvard a Lesson

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 6, the ep begins with some goblins in the Demon Army mining for resources. They stumble upon a mecha from the old world.

Around this time, Edvard’s daughter and second-in-command, Julietta, has a private chat with Leo about the problem with her father. The reason he wanted to commit suicide.

Basically, Edvard was training new recruits for the Demon Army, mostly goblins. He found their performance pitiful. But that’s because he had them fight an Arch Chimera, a really strong monster. A person with more common sense would expect them to lose because they lack experience. Since it’s a monster Edvard could easily defeat, in his mind, that means they’re not trying hard enough. They’re not putting enough effort. And as a result, he wants to take responsibility for the weak army by killing himself. And even though he’s not going to do that anymore, he still wants to quit his position as general.

Julietta can’t understand why her father can’t understand why they lost. Leo explains that powerful people, especially ones born with their strength and talent, don’t understand how it is for others. It’s possible to be a good warrior while not being a good teacher.

Elsewhere, Mernes reports to Lily and Shutina. He tells them what Leo confessed in the last episode, about being thousands of years old from an old world, and being a human weapon meant to fight demons. So should they trust him in helping the Demon Army now? Lily says she can tell Leo is a good person, so they should just trust him. Shutina is more cautious, and says to keep an eye on him. But for now, yes, trust him. 

Later, Echidna meets with Onyx, saying that Edvard will quit that day and become a grunt in the army. Echidna says she'll handle it, but Onyx offers to resolve it himself.

So Leo devises a scheme where he uses the newly discovered mecha to fight Edvard. Leo watches everything secretly while invisible.

The mecha attacks. Edvard commands his men to fight it, but their weapons are useless. That’s when Leo realizes it’s way more powerful than he thought, and also its limiters are not working.

So Leo steps in a little, Julietta, too. Edvard tries fighting the mecha. They both tell Edvard about the mecha’s weaknesses, but he’s confused by this new information about an enemy he’s never experienced fighting before.

Edvard is able to defeat the mecha. Leo then pretends to berate him, the same way Edvard berated his soldiers. And Edvard finally understands what it’s like to wear his soldiers’ shoes. He apologizes to his men for not considering their lack of experience before judging their capabilities.

But his men don’t mind. They’re soldiers because they feel inspired by Edvard. They are happy to be under his command!

Meanwhile, Echidna destroys other mecha that have awakened. She lets off some steam by using her powers. It’s a gag, but it also proves she’s willing to help Leo/Onyx when he needs a hand.

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