I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 9 Review - Leo Knows about a Second Philosopher's Stone!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 8, this ep begins with Queen Echidna happily getting ready to bestow the General position to Onyx. She’s confident about this decision and trusts Onyx completely.

But just as she’s about to do so in front of Lily, Shutina, Mernes and Edvard, a big problem happens. The Great Spirit Portal back to the Demon World is closing up!

Onyx, Shutina and Echidna use their power to stabilize the portal to remain open, but that will only last seven days. If it closes, the demons in the Human World may be trapped there forever, never to return. 

Shutina says they have two options. First option is to leave the Human World, which means Echidna will retreat and fail her mission. By the way, most demons in the Demon Army, and some of the generals, actually live in the Human World. So Echidna would be leaving behind some of her precious comrades forever.

Second option is to do a full-on attack on Renailles and steal the Philosopher’s Stone from the humans before the 7 days are up.

Echidna and the others feel the second option is out of the question. It would lead to bloodshed, especially if they have to deal with the Hero Leo.

Echidna painfully chooses the first option.

Onyx finally takes off his helmet and reveals that he is actually Leo. But Echidna is so lost in thought, she doesn’t notice right away. During that time, Leo explains a second Philosopher’s Stone exists. So they can get the second one instead of fighting humans at Renailles.

Leo apologizes for tricking her but explains it was the only way. Even seeing his true identity, Echidna can’t process the facts right away. After she finally gets it, she makes the room explode. As expected.

Echidna is pissed, and doesn’t want to work with Leo. But all the generals defend him and plead with Echidna to let him join them. Leo’s helped each one of them. So Echidna gives in and lets him join. But she’s still a little angry.

Leo explains that the second Philosopher’s Stone is at the top of the Seshat Mountains close by, protected by a guardian. So they all go to get the stone.

Leo teleports them on the mountains but they still have to walk a lot. Because Leo wants time to talk with Echidna. He explains the Philosopher’s Stone requires a manual to work. He tells Echidna she will have to work with humans to find that manual.  He also explains  he’s over 3,000 years old, created by humans. He has the power to copy any attack thrown at him. That’s why he’s gotten so powerful, gaining power over thousands of years.

Leo also warns Echidna that getting to the stone to work will cost a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Echidna confidently exclaims that’s no problem for her.

Leo then confesses that after all these years, he’s starting to lose his mind. He’s still holding on to his identity as “protecting humanity.” To the point that he wants more war, to continue his existence. He might even destroy the world himself, just to continue finding a reason to continue fighting for it.

Then he reveals the bombshell. The second Philosopher's Stone is actually his heart. He tells Echidna and the generals that they’ll have to defeat and destroy him to get it!

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