I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 10 Recap

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The heroes have delivered “the goods” to Radodorbo, but one other requirement is yet to be cleared. They must traverse at least 5% of the map, and they have a day and a half before time runs out. The group has almost made it to 5%, but to increase their efficiency, they split up and leave Radodorbo on foot, walking in four directions. At first, it seems they’ll be able to complete their goal with time to spare. But a severe snow blizzard suddenly consumes the area!

Because Kahvel’s part of the journey was completed, she stays behind in Radodorbo. She notices the oncoming blizzard and worries a bit about the heroes, namely Yusuke. She remembers her time with the heroes, her goodbye to Yusuke, and the kiss she stole after he saved her life.

Meanwhile, the four heroes are each discouraged by the harsh weather conditions. They motivate themselves to keep going in their own ways. Yuka thinks about events like in her otome games where she gets to be with hot guys.

Kusue thinks about all the physical struggles she had to endure while in the “game” world. At times, the world was scary, but she was happy to have a physically fit body in the world. She’s determined to overcome her physical weakness and protect others.

Iu thinks about her struggle in the real world to be accepted and surrounded by friends so that she doesn’t die alone. The “game” world took that all away and made her alone again, but she was proud to overcome that fear and loneliness, too. It pushed her to keep going in the snow.

The three girls do their best, but the blizzard proves too much. Their bodies and minds give up and they stay still, freezing.

This leaves only Yusuke, who has to traverse about 10 kilometers in the remaining 6 hours. To make matters worse, he’s attacked by a large snow monster! Yusuke is barely able to kill it. He notices the snow monster’s babies are left without a parent and will probably die, but he convinces himself that he can’t afford to care about that. That it’s a game and they aren’t real, anyways.

Yusuke motivates himself by believing he has to save the others. That the others like Kusue and Iu are better people than he is, and it wouldn’t be right for them to die. But even though he is able to press forward, he suddenly falls into a deep hole and appears to die.

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