I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 6 Recap

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Picking up from the previous episode, the soldier (Kamilto) that the heroes saved explains that the child and others are prisoners to be publicly executed in Radodorbo. Yusuke explains to the heroes that this is likely the event for their quest and that the prisoners are “the goods” they must deliver. 

He gives a couple possibilities - perhaps completing the quest means they simply have to help these soldiers complete the execution by escorting them. On the other hand, completing the execution could be considered attacking humans, which would then be game over for the heroes. Yuka throws out a third option - help the soldiers get to Radodorbo and free the prisoners before they’re executed. The party agrees to work toward this third option.

The party escorts the soldiers’ convoy. Yusuke uses his healing magic on the child as they travel. The group stops to camp and Yusuke takes this opportunity to extract information from both sides - the soldier and the prisoners. One of the prisoners explains to Yusuke that they are believers in a religion called Arteros, hailing from a continent called Illa. The Deokk Kingdom’s believers were in conflict with non-believers, and now religious folk are executed.

In another talk, Kamilto explains that the king of Deokk saw the suffering of his people after a war. Their resources and economy were hurt when many men were killed or gravely injured, so the king promised a slave for every family that was negatively impacted by the war. To acquire these slaves, the Deokk kingdom would have to colonize neighboring areas and take those people by force. Kamilto believes the king is good for saving his family and unifying the continent. He also thinks Arteros believers are evil and harm the country.

Yuka doesn’t agree with Kamilto and speaks out in front of him. She likens Deokk to a bully hurting weaker nations. Kamilto is offended and raises his weapon against Yuka, but Yusuke is able to calm him down.

The next day, the group continues their journey and reaches a mountain. Kamilto teaches them about an ancient shortcut passage in the mountain filled with large mechanisms. But this was just a scheme of his to get rid of the heroes! Kamilto exits the passage and locks them inside, forcing the heroes to go through the mountain to the other end. The heroes go through several puzzles and traps. Eventually, one puzzle pushes Yusuke into a deep hole. Not wanting to slow the party down during their limited time quest, he tells the girls to continue without him.

Finally, the girls come to a place with gargoyles - vicious-looking man made beasts. The girls will have to survive the gargoyles if they want to escape the mountain! Meanwhile, Yusuke uses his weapons to slowly claw out of his hole.

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