I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 7 Recap

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Episode 7 intersperses Yusuke’s and Iu’s memories with the party’s current dungeon predicaments. Yusuke slowly but surely makes his climb out of the mountain dungeon’s hole. He gets out but has no torch to guide his way through the darkness. This reminds Yusuke of the dark times he dealt with in life, closing his eyes when he was shunned by others. Navigating through the dungeon he discovers the body of one of Kahvel’s men. Yusuke remembers their short time as allies and laments how he still didn’t have enough time to really get to know him.

At the same time, the party fights a horde of vampire bats and the gargoyle, which holds the key to their escape. In the middle of battle, Kahvel comments to Iu that she’s impressed with Iu’s physical abilities. At that moment, Iu remembers that she lost in her tennis tournament because her poor physical stats in the “game” world carried over to their real world. Just as Iu answers Kahvel’s comment, she notices that Kahvel has been stabbed through by the gargoyle! Kahvel is flung off the platform into the waters below.

Iu despairs being the only combatant left against the gargoyle. She takes a step back and accidentally steps on a bat. Killing the bat stops time and summons Game Master to select a new random class for Iu. Iu uses the time freeze to outmaneuver the gargoyle and strike at it, but the monster’s armor proves too tough, even with her new warrior class activated. It breaks her arm and nearly pushes her off the platform.

Remembering her training by Kahvel, Iu targets the monster’s heart through attacks at unarmored areas of its body. She attacks and loses her arm. But after an acrobatic move, she’s able to attack the gargoyle from above and pierce the heart, killing it!

Yusuke almost reaches the party. He thinks about the backgrounds of each party member and considers that maybe he was selected to be a part of the team as the leader. As the leader, he believes it’s up to him to save the party. But he soon finds out that the party defeated the dungeon boss without him!

Yusuke quickly realizes that Kahvel is dying in the water and jumps in to save her. He replinishes his MP over and over again with the gargoyles’ monster blood until he’s finally able to heal Kahvel. The use of all this energy puts him in a deep sleep.

Safely out of the dungeon, Kahvel wakes up next to Yusuke. She kisses him while he sleeps, believing they face a similar struggle finding personal identity. The other girls catch this and everyone gets embarrassed. Soon after, Yusuke wakes up to a startling thought. He tells the party it’s possible the prisoners are not “the goods” that need to be delivered on the quest, and that maybe any merchandise would suffice. He suggests the party split up to try to complete the quest in two different ways.

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