I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 8 Recap

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Yusuke continues to propose to the other heroes that their group should split into two. One group will continue to track the Deokk soldiers and save the prisoners, while the other group will search for a different type of “goods” to escort to Radodorbo. Yusuke wants to cover all bases for completing the quest since the description of the quest was so vague.

The group agrees to splitting up based on combat ability - Yusuke, Kahvel, and Yuka form Team B to pursue Kamilto and his soldiers, while Iu, Kusue and Makuah (Kahvel’s soldier) form Team A take another route for the goods.

After splitting up, Team B discusses how it will save the prisoners. Kahvel tells the team that she once spotted Kamilto sending a message via bird, probably to Deokk. She warns that if Team B kills Kamilto’s soldiers, the militant kingdom of Deokk will probably retaliate against Kahvel by warring against Kahvel’s country, Cortonel, and Cortonel would be destroyed. So, Yusuke suggests a devious plan to keep Cortonel safe while still achieving their goal.

Some time later, Yusuke directly approaches Kamilto’s camp. Kamilto’s soldiers prepare to fight, but Yusuke claims that he simply wants to negotiate. He also notes that killing him would not work because heroes resurrect. Yusuke tells them that the other members of his party died in the mountain. Then, Yuka appears to the soldiers. She seems to be at odds with Yusuke.

Yusuke proposes to Kamilto to release the prisoners, as Yusuke has converted to their religion, Arteros. If they don’t, he threatens to spread the religion across the continent, as an undying hero. After proposing the deal, Yusuke and Yuka leave them. A bit later, Yuka comes back by herself, saying that she wants to betray Yusuke. To prove how she feels, she offers to show the guards where Yusuke is camping so that they can capture him. Unsure what to believe, Kamilto and one other soldier follow Yuka to confirm, leaving one other soldier with the prisoners.

Kamilto eventually realizes Yuka was lying and merely stalling. They capture her and return to the prisoners, but soon find Yusuke at their camp. It looks like he killed the prisoners! Yusuke claims he did this as revenge for his other party members dying in the cave. He sets the bodies on fire (which are actually two dummies and the other soldier, gagged and dressed to look like a prisoner). Yuka then breaks free of her restraints and the two of them get away on a stolen horse. Kamilto and the soldier hopelessly chase on foot. 

With this, their mission is complete - Team B had earlier got the prisoners to safety, and Cortonel was not implicated. Furthermore, Kamilto was dishonored and would not be able to communicate his failure to Deokk. This despair makes Yusuke happy, who genuinely wanted revenge after his ally was killed in the cave. It’s revealed that he feels no guilt for burning a soldier alive.

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