I'm Standing on a Million Lives - Episode 9 Recap

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Kamilto and his subordinate finally catch up to the horse and wagon, but the heroes are long gone and the horse is dead. Kamilto regretfully sends out a bird to the Deokk kingdom informing them about his loss of the prisoners and the attack by the heroes. But this wasn’t even the worst of their problems, as Kahvel had tracked them. 

After sneaking up and killing the subordinate, Kahvel orders Kamilto to face her with a weapon. Kamilto is shocked to learn that she’s still alive, meaning Yusuke and Yuka lied to him even more than he originally thought. As extra insult to injury, Kahvel reveals that the prisoners are alive and well, and one of the bodies burned in front of him was actually his other subordinate’s. Kamilto grabs an axe and pathetically thrusts at her, but it’s no use. Kahvel relieves him of his arms! Then his leg! As his last words, the crying Kahvel says he wanted to bring peace to the world. He repeats this but is unable to finish as Kahvel chops his head clean off! She says there will never be peace as long as there are people like Kamilto willing to kill her compatriots for it.

Meanwhile, Deokk’s king meets with a shadowy advisor. The advisor says heroes are supposed to be neutral, but with this offense have taken a side against Deokk. The king permits the advisor to research ways to kill off the resurrecting heroes for good.

Kahvel, Yuka and Yusuke reunite and continue their journey to Radodorbo. Elsewhere, Team A has not had luck finding any goods to escort, so moving forward to the destination would be pointless. Finally, Kusue suggests looking for a company taking goods to Radodorbo, and they just happen to find one in time! The company agrees to let them escort their wagon, so Team A finally finishes the last leg of their trip.

As Team B continues their own journey, Yuka notices that Kahvel is often flustered when it comes to being next to Yusuke. Remembering Kahvel’s kiss, Yuka thinks that Kahvel wants to confess her love to Yusuke, just like in one of her dating sim games. She does several things to set the right mood and moment for Kahvel’s confession to happen, but comically, nothing seems to work. Eventually, as the group camps at night and Yuka pretends to sleep, Kahvel speaks to Yusuke. It turns out she wasn’t flustered about a love confession, she just wanted to formally thank Yusuke for his help in avenging her subordinate who died in the mountain dungeon. Yuka is dumbfounded by this.

Team B arrives at Radodorbo and tries three different methods to deliver “the goods.” First the prisoners, which fails. Then selling the soldier’s gear, which fails. What finally works is delivering the heads of Kamilto and his soldiers to the authorities. That part of the quest cleared, Team A and B reunite, but decide to split up to finish traversing 5% of the map.

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