I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 2 Review - Shalsha Wants to Kill Azusa

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 2 follow.

The episode begins with Azusa teaching Laika how she kills slimes on a daily basis. She also teaches Laika that you shouldn’t work ridiculously hard just so that you can boast about it to others to prove your value. 

Anyways, with Azusa killing slimes every day for 300 years, you would think this was an innocent enough task. But that comes back to bite her later in the ep. And you know it will, because we get our first glimpse of a little green-haired girl with a dark aura around her hiding in the shadows. She says she’ll never forgive Azusa.

Laika cooks a delicious dinner for her master, which is too big for just the two of them. It’s ridiculously huge. And I thought it looked absolutely mouthwatering. This is the part of fantasy slice of life that I love.

After dinner, Laika convinces Azusa to put up a protective magic barrier around Flatta Village. Laika teaches Azusa to use a magic circle, which makes her barrier more effective. The barrier instantly catches a burglar, and the town cheers Azusa! Not wanting attention, she directs the villagers to cheer for Laika who taught her the magic circle and suggested the barrier. So now the town loves Laika!

Days are peaceful until the girls get a visitor. It’s the blue-haired twin of the green-haired girl. Her name is Falfa, and she says that she’s Azusa’s child. Wait, what?! Apparently she and her sister Shalsha were born 50 years ago from a combination of spirits belonging to the slimes Azusa killed. Now Shalsha wants revenge on Azusa.

Shalsha confronts Azusa with Smite Evil magic. She’s been studying it her whole life, and with it she’s able to negate Azusa’s magic abilities! When it looks like Shalsha will be victorious, Laika intercedes in dragon form. Shalsha isn’t prepared to fight anyone but Azusa and goes down with one lovetap. By the time Shalsha gains consciousness, her magic power is drained.

At this point, Falfa convinces her sister to stop trying to kill their mama. Her reason is that Shalsha can’t hate everyone in the world who kills slimes, so why hate Azusa? And that it’s the natural way of the world. I think that’s pretty messed up reasoning, and we certainly can’t apply it to real world morality. Imagine saying, “Lots of kids are killed. You can’t hate everyone that kills a kid. So why hate and hold accountable the one killer we know of?” I was hoping Azusa would stop killing slimes after this point, now that she knows they’re sentient and can turn into sweet little kids. But nope, Azusa keeps slaughtering slimes. Why? Because Shalsha points out some slimes are evil. How convenient.

After this, Azusa decides to take in the two girls. Now the four of them live together peacefully and the large amount of food Laika cooks is the right size for the four of them!

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