Ikeda Shuichi’s birthday celebration! Who is your favorite character? For the 2020th edition, 3rd place “One Piece” Shanks, 2nd place “Gundam” Char, 1st place… a character full of charm for adults

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December 2 is Ikeda Shuichi's birthday.

Ikeda Shuichi debuted as a child actor in 1950s, and since the 1970s he has been playing many roles as a voice actor. At the 4th Seiyu Awards, he was selected as a cast member of "Mobile Suit Gundam" for the Synergy Award, which honors works that show the appeal of a voice actor to the fullest extent.

So, as a way of celebrating Ikeda Shuichi's birthday, we are conducting a survey and asking "Who is your favorite character played by Ikeda Shuichi?" During the survey period, which ran from November 17 to November 24, 114 people responded to the survey.

The ratio of males to females was about 45% males and about 55% females, around about the same number of males. About 40% of the respondents were under the age of 19, 25% were in their 20s, and 20% were in their 30s.

It is the second year in a row that "Conan" Akai Shuichi topped the list, and next year's movie is expected to as well!

1st place

In 1st place was Akai Shuichi from Detective Conan. The approval rating was about 35%.

Akai Shuichi is an FBI agent. "He is too cool in everything: deductive ability, investigative skills, physical ability, sniping ability. He is a very cool character," and "His dependable big brother's back is wonderful." were some of the comments that we received, showing the character has an adult appeal in "Conan".

Complex relationships between brothers also received support, "I love the scenes with Conan and his brothers."

"Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet", the latest movie of which has been postponed to 2021, also received several comments of anticipation.

2nd place

In 2nd place was Char Aznable from "Mobile Suit Gundam". The approval rate was about 14%.

"He is an extremely famous and popular character of the Gundam series, which goes without saying. He has overwhelming strength and charisma, but he also has a very cool human touch that shows his worries and weaknesses," and "The human image of Char's character is shown in the titles of "First, Z Gundam, Char's Counterattack, and THE ORIGIN".

It is also important to note that different fans have different favorite generations. One reader mentioned Quattro Vageena from "Z Gundam", saying, "The sleeveless style is a feast for the eyes."

3rd Place.

In 3rd place is Shanks from One Piece, and the difference between him and the 2nd place is very small.

"His austere voice fits the image of Shanks. He usually seems to joke around happily, but when it comes down to it, he's a very strong and cool character" and "Only Ikeda-san can do Shanks' voice with that kind of toughness!" and plays a character who is the kicker of the story.

Other comments!

We also received other comments. For Ulrich Kesler from "Legend of the Galactic Heroes," comments like "His earnestness in his work is a true reflection of Shuichi Ikeda," and for Peter Burke, "White Collar," comments like "I like Peter, who is a talented FBI agent with a loving wife. Ikeda-san has played a variety of dubbed roles, but I think he is one of my favorite characters." were also received.

From "GK9" (Drama CD), about Sakakibara Gou said, "As a teacher passionately guiding the protagonist's indomitable spirit, the persuasive power of Ikeda Shuichi's voice is very much alive.

"I'll be a twin-tailed". One of the respondents were surprised by the unexpected casting of "Twin-tailed": "By casting Shuichi Ikeda as the voice of Twin-tailed, they were able to add flowers to the ending and bring a sense of conviction."

In this year's survey, the top three were unchanged from last year's rankings, with the most prominent being Akai Shuichi, a reliable character with unrivaled abilities, and several roles that lead the main character.

Top 20 Ranking

Who is your favorite character played by Ikeda Shuichi?

Akai Shuichi "Detective Conan"

Char Aznavour "Mobile Suit Gundam"

Shanks "One Piece"

Milo in Scorpio "Saint Seiya"

Ulrich Kesler "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"

Dr. Yoshinaga, "Gibiate"

Dragon "Mahjong Flying Dragon"

Hong Shao Keh "The Story of Saiyunkuo"

Kite "HUNTERxHUNTER" (2nd film)

Seven Spears Sandar "Ninja Wind Squadron Hurricanes

Peter Burke "White Collar"

Kuroba Toichi KurobaKurou Steichi "Majikku Kaito"

Gilbert Durandal "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY"

Tony Stark / Iron Man "Iron Man" (dubbed by TV Asahi)

Hiko Seijuro Ruro "Rurouni Kenshin - Meiji Kenkaku Roman Tan"

Asien LaHabrair, "Final Fantasy XIV"

Wong Fei Feng "Once Upon a Time in China"

Sakakibara Gou "GK9 Nine" (Drama CD)

Twintail "I'll be the Twintail."

Freddie Brauer, "Columbo: The New Columbo"

Former Green Patron Saint Katis "Angelique"

Shido Masayoshi "PERSONA5 the Animation"

Ashikaga Yoshiteru "Sengoku BASARA"

(Response period: November 17 - November 24, 2020)
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