“In/Spectre Season 2” Set for 2022! Miyano’s comment, “I will face it earnestly in order to express it properly”

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It was revealed that the 2nd season of the TV anime "In/Spectre", will be titled as "In/Spectre Season 2". The broadcast is set for 2022 and the latest information was revealed together with the comments from Miyano Mamoru, the voice of Sakuragawa Kurou.

"In/Spectre" is based on the mystery light novel by Shirodaira Kyou. It depicts the story of the university student, Iwanaga Kotoko, who became a "God of Wisdom" by the youkai, and her first love and a university student, Sakuragawa Kurou, facing the various mysterious cases. The 1st season was broadcast from January 2020 to March 2020.

The production of season 2 was announced in November 2020, and the title is confirmed to be "In/Spectre Season 2". It was revealed that the broadcast is set in 2022.

Iwanaga Kotoko with a serious expression and Sakuragawa Kurou being surrounded by the familiar Youkai from season 1 can be seen in the teaser visual of season 2. This will surely increase your expectation toward the broadcast.

For the teaser PV, the newly recorded voice of Kito Akari as Iwanaga Kotoko can be heard with the appearance of the Youkai. The main staff is Gotou Keiji as the director, Takagi Noboru as the series composition, Matsumoto Kentarou as the character designer & key animation director, and the animation production is by Brain's Base.

Also, the comments from Miyano Mamoru as Sakuragawa Kurou have been released, and he mentioned his expectation toward the broadcast with "While enjoying the story, I will face it earnestly in order to express the thoughts of Kurou properly."

<Below are the full comments>

【Miyano Mamoru, voice of Sakuragawa Kurou】

Thanks to the supports from everyone, the production of the season 2 of the anime has been decided!

I'm very grateful for this! I am unable to hold the joy toward the "Brand New Deduction Story", which is "In/Spectre".

I am sure the season 2 will depict a completely different mystery!

While enjoying the story, I will face it earnestly in order to express the thoughts of Kurou properly.

Please do look forward to the broadcast!

TV Anime "In/Spectre" Set for 2022


Original Work: Shirodaira Kyou (Kodansha Taiga Publishing)

Manga: Katase Chashiba (Serialized on Kodansha "Monthly Shounen Magazine", "Monthly Shounen Magazine R")

Director: Gotou Keiji

Series Composition: Takagi Noboru

Character Designer, Key Animation Director: Matsumoto Kentarou

Animation Production: Brain's Base


Iwanaga Kotoko: Kito Akari

Sakuragawa Kurou: Miyano Mamoru


The beings that are known as "Youkai" exist normally in this world.

Even today, the young girl Iwanaga Kotoko known as the "God of Wisdom" by the "Youkai" is being consulted with a problem concerning the "Youkai".

However, the person that is standing beside Kotoko is her first love and the guy that is feared by the "Youkai", Sakuragawa Kurou.

This is a joint cooperation between two abnormal humans as they face the "In/Spectre" of the illogical mystery cases that were caused by the "Youkai".

What is the result of the new unbelievable case that the two challenge as well as their romance development...!?

The "Romance X Unbelievable X Mystery" has started once again!!

(C) Shirodaira Kyou, Katase Chashiba, Kodansha/ In/Spectre 2 Production Committee

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