In the Land of Leadale - Episode 1 Review - Cayna Wakes Up in Her Game

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The anime opens with a city in the near future suffering from a blackout. We see a hospital shut down.

Next,  a cute little girl named Lytt wakes up a cute High Elf girl in the morning. The High Elf is the main character, named Cayna. Cayna is weirded out that she’s waking up in this body and in this world. It’s supposed to be a video game. You know what this means - isekai!

She’s actually not as weirded out by this turn of events as she should be. She goes downstairs to eat breakfast, and muses how she hasn’t had solid food like this in ages. So she eats several bowls and plates! She formally meets the innkeeper named Marelle, who gives her some information.

The world, which had once been divided into seven kingdoms, was changed into three. The one they’re currently in is called Felskeilo. But that change happened 200 years ago. For some reason, Cayna is returning to the world of the game as if it was real, but 200 years later than when she was last there!

What this means is she’s super OP and super rich compared to the common status of a person during this time period. Great! But back in the real world, Cayna figures her real body probably died while her mind was able to escape into the game. Sad. Maybe.

Later in the evening, Cayna meets Marelle’s older daughter, Luine who is also a waitress like Lytt. Cayna talks about wanting to go to the silver tower, which is like her home base. Marelle and Luine think it’s a terrifying place, rumored that an evil Silver Ring Witch lives there. Secretly, that witch is Cayna. That was a nickname she picked up among players. So of course, she has nothing to be scared of, because it’s her.

A couple guys try to rob Cayna as she sleeps. But her AI, Kee, protects her. And summons a Lightning Lion to her aid! The lion chases off the dudes. And Cayna doesn’t even wake up for this. Then the lion cuddles with Cayna all night. Very cute moment.

The next day, Cayna secretly visits the tower. She’s greeted there by the Guardian of the Silver Tower, which is basically a talking wall or gate or something. And it speaks very rudely. But it’s funny. Cayna gets more information from this Guardian, who says her son Skargo visited. Then she remembers that she has not only a son but also a daughter and another son! She created them through a foster program. So her new goal is to go and find them. And as requested by Guardian, she’s also going to visit the other two guardian towers.

On her way back to the inn, she saves a guy named Lottor from a horned bear, easily. The town celebrates by eating the whole bear in a feast. Cayna also celebrates by drinking alcohol, and gets plastered.

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