“Is the Order a Rabbit?” 10th serialization anniversary commemoration! The character song’s production of the popular character, Fuyu, has been decided! The voice is handled by Iwami Manaka.

Anime May 20, 11:36 0
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the serialization of the original manga of "Is the Order a Rabbit?', the first character song of Fuiba Fuyu, which has yet to appear in the anime, has been decided. The title is "Fuyu Character Song". The voice actress for Fuyu is Iwami Manaka, known for her voice of Rice Shower from "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" and other anime.

"Fuyu Character Song" is being produced as the 10th anniversary CD of "Is the Order a Rabbit?". Fuyu is a popular character in the original work that has yet to appear in the anime, and this is also the first time that her voice is revealed.

The cover illustration of the CD will be drawn by the original author, koi.

Also, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of "Is the Order a Rabbit?", the CD album that contains the best songs & rearranged anime theme song in high resonance is in production and the complete manga edition will be release.

The exhibition event that was announced to be held in fall 2021, titled "Is the Order a Rabbit? Exhibition Cafe Lumiere", will be held in "Asakusa-bashi Hulic Hall" from October 29 to November 7 in Tokyo, and it is planned to be held in Osaka in November.

Don't miss out the developments of "Is the Order a Rabbit?" while it is heading toward its 10th anniversary.

(C) Koi/ Houbunsha

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