Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 10 Recap

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The episode begins with a flashback of Yoshino in his school’s club room. He’s with a couple friends happily discussing movies when his usual bullies come in to pick on him and kick them out of the room. Yoshino stands up to them slightly, and the jerks reply by beating him up.

Mahito and Yoshino discuss philosophies in the present. Yoshino believes he should treat people with indifference, not caring if they live or die. This absolves him from any responsibility or guilt if something bad happens to others, especially if it happens to people he hates. But Mahito says he should go a step further and feel free to kill someone if he hates them. That’s because Mahito can see souls and judges them as mechanical. Since souls and bodies are nothing special, he claims there’s no problem with killing them. At this point, Mahito reveals that he can change the shape of a person’s body by messing with the shape of a person’s soul.

A bit later, Yoshino is out for a walk by himself. Ichiji and Itadori tail him. They plan to use a curse fly to deduce whether Yoshino is an evil sorcerer or a normal person.

Yoshino runs into his school teacher, someone who didn’t help Yoshino when he was bullied. The teacher is an inconsiderate oaf. Yoshino starts to go off the deep end, with thoughts of hurting the teacher, but Itadori steps in just in time. He screws with the teacher to get rid of him. Then the two go somewhere to chat. It should also be noted that Yoshino was able to see the curse fly and Itadori noticed this.

Meanwhile, Nanami tracks down Mahito in the sewer. The two become locked in a fight to the death. Nanami uses his technique to hack off one of Mahito’s hands. But Mahito heals the injury with ease, able to change the shape of his soul and his own body parts. 

Mahito is able to land an attack on Nanami. Realizing things are looking tougher for him, Nanami envelops himself with cursed energy. The battle continues in the next episode!

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