Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 6 Recap

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The episode begins inside Sukuna’s mind/Innate Domain. Itadori wants to beat him up for ripping his heart out and killing his body, but Sukuna makes an offer - a kind of sacred pact safeguarded by jujutsu. If Itadori gives Sukuna control of his body for one minute at a time when Sukuna says the word “extension,” the cursed spirit promises he will not hurt or kill anyone. The second condition is that Itadori will have to forget about this promise. In exchange, Sukuna promises to resurrect Itadori. Itadori doesn’t believe Sukuna is telling the truth. So instead, Sukuna bets that if he can defeat Itadori, the pact stands. Itadori agrees to this. In one second, Sukuna demolishes Itadori by cutting off his head.

That brings Itadori back to life just as Ieri is about to begin her autopsy on him. Gojou-sensei welcomes Itadori back from the dead. Just before this moment, Gojou confesses to Ijichi that he is teaching a new generation of Jujutsu users to replace the rotten old regime.

Afterwards, Gojou asks Ieri not to change the death record on Itadori yet. He wants to keep his death a secret long enough to give him time to train. Itadori will reveal he’s alive right before the Exchange Event.

Meanwhile, the four cursed spirits are still sitting together in a restaurant. Mahito reveals that he has a special-grade cursed object called Prison Realm perfect for sealing Gojou. This excites Jogo, who makes everyone in the restaurant spontaneously combust into flames!

Elsewhere, Fushiguro apologizes to the mother of the detention center victim for not being able to save her son. He then joins his classmates to train for the Exchange Event. He thinks to himself that he may be able to take on special-grade curses.

Secretly, Itadori is doing training of his own. Gojou explains that Itadori can not use cursed technique (yet) like Jujutsu sorcerers with innate ability can. Instead, Gojou tells Itadori to focus on honing his cursed energy, which can only come out during intense negative emotions. To bring these emotions about, Itadori has to watch horror and action flicks. If his amount of cursed energy goes down, a cursed corpse (tiny bear) punches him in the face!

A little later, Gojou goes to see the principal. But on his way there, Jogo ambushes him! The episode ends with the audience wondering how this fight will play out.

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