Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 8 Recap

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Fushiguro and Kugisaki are hanging out on their school grounds when they’re suddenly approached by two students from Kyoto’s sorcery school. One is Aoi Todou - an extremely buff third year. The other is Mai Zenin, a second year and Maki’s twin sister. As noted by Panda, these two Kyoto students love to harass Tokyo’s students. Mai starts by accusing Itadori (who both Fushiguro and Kugisaki think is dead) of having been a half-curse monster. Then Toudou asks Fushiguro what kind of woman he prefers, explaining it’s a way to get to know someone. Depending on the answer, Toudou is ready to kick his ass.

Fushiguro says he prefers women with conviction, which Toudou deems as a boring answer. To him, boring taste means the person is boring. And he doesn’t want his last exchange event to be against a boring opponent. Toudou hopes to crush Fushiguro now to force a more interesting opponent to take part in the tournament - the third year, Okkotsu.

Toudou begins with an extremely fast and powerful clothesline attack that Fushiguro barely has time to block against. As they fight, Fushiguro recalls hearing that Toudou was strong enough to kill a special-grade curse and 5 first-grade curses during a recent bloody event called the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons caused by Getou. 

Fushiguro summons cursed toad monsters to fight by his side, but Toudou increases his speed yet again, catching Fushiguro and the monsters off guard. He bombards Fushiguro with more hand-to-hand moves, powerful enough to destroy property.

Finally, Fushiguro starts to get serious. Toudou notices this and his interest is piqued, but Inumaki and Panda jump in to stop the fight from going on any further. Similarly, Maki interferes with Mai, who had beaten up Kugisaki. Toudou then comes back to pick Mai up. He notes that he has a handshake event with a cute idol that they need to hurry off to.

Meanwhile, Kyoto’s Principal Gakuganji waits to meet with Principal Yaga. But his appointment is hijacked by Gojou-sensei. Gojou comments that powerful curses keep coming out the woodwork. He delivers a warning to Gakuganji and the other conservatives, who conspired to get Itadori killed, that they will soon be hurting from the new threats. Gakuganji’s escort, second year Kasumi Miwa, secretly fawns over how cool Gojou-sensei is at this meeting.

A month later in Kawasaki City, the disfigured bodies of three high school boys have been found in a theater. Mahito had killed them. A mysterious human tails Mahito to ask about this. And Itadori and another new character enter the theater to begin investigating.

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