Jujutsu Kaisen - Episodes 13-16 Recap: Itadori Reveals That He's Alive

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Episode 13
Itadori gets back-up in the form of Nanami in his fight against the curse Mahito. At first it seems the two will exorcise him, but then Mahito envelopes Nanami in his Domain Expansion. Nanami nearly dies, but Itadori is able to break through the wall of the Domain Expansion to save him. And Itadori’s presence there triggers Sukuna, who absolutely demolishes Mahito’s trap. Mahito narrowly escapes into a sewer drain.

Episode 14
Jougo and Mahito are at a hotspring healing from their wounds fighting sorcerers. They discuss with Geto how to best manipulate Jujutsu Tech and get Sukuna on their side. Meanwhile, Kyoto’s students arrive at Jujutsu Tech for the Exchange Event. Kyoto’s team consists of Mai Zenin, Aoi Toudou, Momo Nishimiya, Mechamaru, Kamo Noritoshi and Miwa Kasumi

Itadori finally reveals to his classmates that he’s alive through the method that Gojou-sensei suggests, but doing so does not gain the exciting and positive reaction he had hoped. Kyoto’s Principal, Yoshinobu, is extremely displeased to learn that Itadori is alive. In a secret meeting, he orders his students to kill Itadori during the Exchange Event. Toudou refuses, saying that he’ll do what he wants.

Episode 15
The Exchange Event gets underway. Toudou immediately tries to fight Tokyo’s entire team by himself, but Itadori takes him one-on-one to free up the rest of his team. Toudou asks Itadori what his taste in women is, and Itadori’s taste ends up being exactly the same as Toudou. Toudou believes he’s found his best friend! The rest of Kyoto team try to assassinate Itadori at first, but Toudou has them back off, and the two go back to a one-on-one fist fight. 

The Tokyo team realizes that the Kyoto team wants to kill Itadori, so it splits up to tackle each of Kyoto’s members. 

Episode 16
Itadori and Toudou continue to go all out in their fight, but Toudou gives Itadori advice like a caring senpai. Meanwhile, Panda faces off against Mechamaru. It’s revealed that Panda is a cursed corpse composed of three cores, while Mechamaru is a puppet controlled by a human outside of the arena. Mechamaru uses up all of his powerful range attacks and Panda is whittled down to a single core - the gorilla core. It’s a close fight, but Panda is able to crush Mechamaru in the end. 

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