Jujutsu Kaisen - Episodes 17-20 Recap: Itadori and Toudou vs. Hanami

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Episode 17
Kasumi Miwa is pretty much taken out of the fight when Maki Zenin steals her sword and ditches her. Meanwhile, Nobara Kugisaki faces off against the flying Momo Nishimiya. Nishimiya recounts Mai’s painful past. But Kugisaki claps back that your past doesn’t equate to deserving to win. Kugisaki is super close to taking out Nishimiya, but gets sniped by Mai Zenin, leaving Kugisaki down for the count. Maki swoops in and faces her own sister. It seems close, but Mai eventually runs out of cursed energy, retiring her from the event.

Episode 18
Megumi Fushiguro and Noritoshi Kamo, the two bloodline geniuses, are locked in a close one-on-one battle, each with multiple secret trump cards in their arsenal. Elsewhere, Miwa is definitely taken out when she answers a call by Toge Inumaki who uses cursed energy to order her to sleep. Then Inumaki is confronted by a semi-first grade cursed spirit that Principal Gakuganji snuck into the event. It was meant to kill Yuuji Itadori, but Hanami appears and destroys it with ease! The fight between Fushiguro and Kamo is interrupted by Hanami’s technique, and Inumaki meets up with the two. The three students run for their lives. Eventually, they go on the offensive against Hanami, but Hanami’s skin proves too tough for their attacks. A veil, meant only to keep out Satoru Gojou, comes down over the entire event grounds.

Episode 19
Inumaki is at his limit using his cursed technique against the powerful Hanami, and Kamo is knocked out from Hanami’s punch. Luckily, Maki arrives and blasts Hanami away with a strong cursed tool. But both Maki and Fushiguro are pierced by Hanami’s deadly technique that drains their cursed energy. The two are tagged out in the nick of time by the arrival of Aoi Toudou and Itadori. Panda stops by and carries Maki and Fushiguro out of the fight.

Toudou and Itadori are much more of a match for Hanami, and Toudou uses this fight as a chance to continue Itadori’s training. Itadori is able to land one of the most powerful techniques of sorcerers - Black Flash. But Hanami just gets revved up for battle even more, and releases his hidden arm.

Episode 20
Toudou utilizes his technique, Boogie Woogie, to swap himself, Hanami, and Itadori in physical space. It proves highly effective in throwing Hanami off his game. Itadori is able to land four Black Flash hits in a row on Hanami, the record for even Kento Nanami. But it’s still not enough to take down the special grade cursed spirit. Hanami is almost able to use his most powerful trump card and Domain Expansion, but the veil is suddenly lifted. Gojou uses his ridiculously powerful attack, Purple Hollow, on Hanami from far away, but we don’t know for sure if he escaped the attack on time. Meanwhile, Mahito is seen stealing a Sukuna finger from the school.

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