Jujutsu Kaisen - Episodes 21-24 Recap - The Death Paintings Arc

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Episode 21
Suprise, surprise, Hanami escapes Gojou’s attack. He nearly dies, half of his body being blown away. But that’s no problem to curses. They heal. The curses achieve their goal, stealing Sukuna’s fingers. It was more than one - it was all six that Jujutsu Tech was safeguarding! And three other cursed objects - all three Death Paintings Cursed Wombs.

Back at Jujutsu Tech, the faculty assesses the damage and losses. Fushiguro is healing in bed. The exchange event goes on to the second day game chosen by lottery, which is baseball. It’s a funny game and Jujutsu Tech Tokyo beats Kyoto!

Episode 22
The first years of Jujutsu Tech escorted by Akari Nitta get sent on a mission to investigate some mysterious deaths. The cause is a curse killing members of Fushiguro’s old school. Fushiguro learns his own step-sister Tsumiki is in danger of being killed by this curse. He tries to take on the problem alone at first, but there’s no way Itadori and Kugisaki would allow that! They work on exorcising the curse together.

Meanwhile, Mahito feeds one of the Cursed Wombs into a human, changing him into the special grade curse Kechizu. Kechizu goes hunting for the same curse the first years are hunting. They all meet up at the curse and begin to fight.

Episode 23
Fushiguro deals with the whack-a-mole curse while Itadori and Kugisaki fight Kechizu elsewhere. The mole curse goes down easily but Fughiguro finds out it was hiding a Sukuna Finger Bearer, just like the one that nearly killed all three first years at the Detention Center earlier in the season. It’s a tough battle but Fushiguro is able to destroy the Finger Bearer with his techniques and acquire the finger.

Meanwhile, Eso introduces himself to Kugisaki as another Cursed Womb incarnate and the older brother of Kechizu. Itadori and Kugisaki accidentally piss off Eso, causing Eso to unleash a deadly attack utilizing his blood.

Episode 24
Itadori and Kugisaki dodge and escape Eso’s blood attack at first, but eventually Kechizu cuts them off, cornering the two. It’s now a two-on-two fight. The two Cursed Wombs vs. Itadori and Kugisaki. Eso is able to mark Itadori and Kugisaki with his cursed technique, which would rot and melt them away in time. But that technique just makes it possible for Kugisaki to use her Resonance technique to counter the two enemies. And Itadori proves too fast and strong for either Kechizu or Eso.

Eso actually cares about his little brother like a real family. He tries to save Kechizu, but Kugisaki kills Kechizu and subsequently the human it took over. With teamwork, Itadori and Kugisaki also kill the escaping Eso. As usual, Itadori is a softie and feels bad about the humans they had to kill and tears that Eso shed.

Later, we see the first years nominated to be First Grade sorcerers. Sukuna mocks Itadori about the people who died from curses gravitating toward the energy of Sukuna’s body parts.

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