Kaji Yuuki talks about the line of “en.365°” in “Seiyu Animedia” April Issue! Along with the mysterious relationship between Itou Kento & Nakajima Yoshiki of “UMake”

Anime March 11, 10:29 0
The voice actor, Kaji Yuuki is being featured as the front cover "Seiyu Animedia" April Issue, which was released on March 10, while the back cover featured Itou Kento and Nakajima Yoshiki of UMake.

Kaji Yuuki is being featured on the front cover and the front article of this magazine. It will feature an interview about the new collection line of "en.365°", the original apparel brand produced by himself, as he talked about his fixation toward fashion and the secret behind the production. It also contains the original gravure photos.

Also, the back cover and last article featured the unit UMake, which consists of Itou Kento and Nakajima Yoshiki. The article will talk about the mysterious relationship between the 2 as well as behind-the-scene of "UMake 4th Live Tour Love".

It will also feature Kamiya Hiroshi, Ogura Yui, Yuki Aoi, and others.

"Seiyu Animedia" April Issue was released on March 10, 2021. The price is 1,480 JPY (tax included), and the bromide novelty will be available in certain shops

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