“Kingdom” Qin Dynasty vs. The “Character War” PV has been released!

Anime March 29, 10:29 0
From the third series of the TV anime "Kingdom", "The United Forces" (which will start airing on April 4, 2021), a new PV introducing all the generals of the Qin Dynasty and the United Forces has been released.

The original work of "Kingdom" is a comic series by Hara Yasuhisa currently being serialized in "Weekly Young Jump".

Set in China during the Spring and Autumn period of the Warring States period, the comic depicts the activities of a young boy named Shin who aims to become the greatest general in the nation and a young king named Eisei who will later become the first emperor of China.

The first series of the TV anime was broadcast in June 2012. The second series was broadcasted in June 2013. The third series will depict the biggest battle in the history of "Kingdom", the Coalition Army version. 

In the PV released this time, we see the combined forces of the Coalition Army gathered to prevent the unification of China by Qin Dynasty, and the unique warlords of the Qin Dynasty who will fight against them in an all-out battle. What kind of generals will be fighting in the great war that is about to begin? What kind of battles will unfold? The contents will raise your expectations.

In addition, the fourth part of the “4-week special interview” will appear in the 17th issue of “Weekly Young Jump” in the form of a special conversation between Morita Seiichi (as Shin) and Fukuyama Jun (as Eisei).

The third series of the TV anime “Kingdom” will start airing on NHK General on April 4, 2021.

(C) Hara Yasuhisa/Shueisha, Kingdom Production Committee

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