“LBX Girls” Riko want to get closer to Suzuno, but… Preceding cut-scenes of episode 7

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The outline and preceding cut-scenes of episode 7 "Suzuno's Secret" of "LBX Girls", which was broadcast on February 18, 2021 (Thursday), have been released.

"LBX Girls" is based on the RPG game "LBX Girls" by Level-5 and DMM GAMES.

The five "Souko Musume", the chosen ones to transfer from another world, are deprived of their daily lives and wear tactical weapons called "LBX units" on their limbs. They were given the mission to clean up and eradicate Mimesis, a metallic life form that continues to consume and multiply across multiple worlds.

The forced mercenary life after transcending time is a life-threatening school trip to glimpse the "hope" and "despair" of the world...

The title of episode 7 is "Suzuno's Secret".

Kyouka, Yui, Miharu, and Suzuno went on an eating spree in Shikoku as their life has become zero due to the usage of the attack function.

Suzuno put some distance from the other members of the commando unit as if she is rejecting them despite their relationship has become better, but she was appointed by Neito to be the guide of the Shikoku tour.

While they are enjoying the traveling atmosphere and forgetting the battle with Mimesis for a short while, Riko tried her best to get close to Suzuno, but Suzuno still gave a cold response.

Actually, Suzuno has trauma in her previous world....

Episode 7 "Suzuno's Secret" of "LBX Girls" has been broadcast at 00:00 AM, on February 18, 2021(Thursday), on TOKYO MX and other channels.

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