“Love Live!” The 5 cast members of the new school idol “Liella!” and release of debut single have been announced!

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The information of the 5 cast members of the school idol group "Liella!" from the latest series of "Love Live!", "Love Live! Super Star!!" has been announced. The debut single of "Liella!" will be released in spring 2021.

"Love Live!" is a project series that depicts female high school students becoming "school idols" to make their dream come true. Up until now the group "μ's", "Aqours", and "Nijisaki High School Idol Club" were born, and various media developments, including CD release, anime, game, and live event, which have become a hot topic.

The announcement of the 5 cast members of the new school idol group "Liella!" also include the 2 people that were selected in the general audition.

The main cast members are Date Sayuri (as Shibuya Kanon), Liyuu (as Tang Keke), Misaki Nako (as Arashi Chisato), Payton Naomi (as Heanna Sumire), and Aoyama Nagisa (as Hazuki Ren). Date Sayuri and Aoyama Nagisa are the 2 people who were selected from the general audition.

Also, the original decision of choosing 1 person from the general audition has been changed to 2 people.

The release of the debut single of "Liella!" has also been decided. The title will be "Hajimari ha Kimi no Sora" and this debut single with an animation MV will released in spring 2021. The detail on the single will be announced in January 2021, so do check it out on the official website.

(C)Project Love Live! Super Star!!

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