Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 1 Review - Tohru Fights Ilulu

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 2 Episode 1.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is finally back for the official second season! It’s been years since the first season but it’s just as good as ever. That’s not much of a surprise since the Mini Dragon episodes just wrapped up and they proved to be quite good as well.

As often is the case, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid splits its episode into two main story arcs with some mini threads here and there. The ep starts with Tohru riled up about a maid cafe opening up close to Kobayashi’s apartment. The ad for the cafe claims it will have the best maids, and since Tohru is convinced she alone is the best maid, she wants to check out the competition. So she scouts. The maids there end up loving Tohru right away because she’s already dressed as one and they hire her on the spot! Which works out for Tohru, because she says she’s bored at home when Kanna and Kobayashi are out.

A few days pass, and Kobayashi and Kanna visit the cafe for the first time to check on Tohru. They find out she’s been pretty much cooking the whole time, and not serving as a maid! The maids love her for it and call her Master Chef. But Tohru is annoyed that she can’t do maid things. Just for Kobayashi, she goes into maid mode. Kobayashi orders omelet rice, but instead of the usual moe magic chant, Tohru spouts a real magic chant that sounds terrifying. This leaves a strange purple sauce on the omelet, but the customers love it! Later, Tohru announces to the maids that she’s going to quit because she only likes serving Kobayashi. They plead that she stays. So as a compromise, she gives them magic circles and teaches them the chant so they can charm the omelets themselves.

In the next arc, the news reports that a mountain has been destroyed. Since only dragons can do this, Kobayashi and Tohru investigate. They check on each of our favorite dragon friends - Fafnir, Lucoa, and Elma. But none of them are the culprits.

While meeting up with Elma, the perpetrator shows herself - it’s a chaos dragon named Ilulu who’s almost as strong as Tohru! This mega busty dragon (bigger oppai than even Lucoa) announces she’ll destroy the city, so Tohru starts fighting her to protect it. It’s tough for Tohru to fight and defend the city at both times, but Kobayashi is able to bribe Elma with sweets to help safeguard it. Tohru then wins by hitting Ilulu with an ultra beam. She warps the knocked out Ilulu away.

Later Ilulu meets Kobayashi in secret, curious as to why Tohru befriends a human. Kobayashi explains their friendship, but Ilulu isn’t convinced. And she uses magic to give Kobayashi male private parts!

Elsewhere, Fafnir has been locked out of his PC game for violating terms of service.

First episode = great action, hilarious moments! Loved it!

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