Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 3 Review - Ilulu Plays with Kanna and Saikawa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

*Dragon Maid* has to be one of the best reverse isekai’s ever. Every episode just fills me with delight at how cute it all is.

The ep starts with Riko Saikawa visiting Kanna’s apartment to play. The adults aren’t around, so Saikawa thinks it’s sexy time with Kanna. I always thought it was weird how semi-lewd her thoughts get. Anyways, Kanna and Saikawa technically are still with an adult - Saikawa discovers and meets Ilulu for the first time in the bathroom.

Saikawa asks Ilulu if she wants to play cards with them but Ilulu declines. Lucoa stops by (yay) and notices Ilulu isn’t playing with them. She asks why and Ilulu says she feels guilty for almost destroying the city. But Lucoa, like an intuitive mother, can tell how hard it was for Ilulu growing up - Ilulu was forced to become an adult right away to fight alongside other dragons, not allowed to trust humans. Now with Kobayashi, this is her chance to be a carefree kid again. 

So Lucoa finds a way to get Saikawa and Ilulu really talking for the first time. Then Ilulu decides to play with them. Yay!

In the second story, Kobayashi shares with Tohru that she dressed like a maid once in high school and her family said she didn’t look good in her outfit. So she was traumatized and never did again.

Tohru calls all the friends over - Fafnir, Makoto, Lucoa, Georgie - and Makoto invites Elma over, too! They all come up with designs for a maid outfit that would look best on Kobayashi. Meanwhile, Ilulu, Shouta and Kanna play Monopoly in another room.

Georgie, as a fellow maid fanatic, is the only one who makes a worthwhile design. The rest are gags. I especially like Fafnir’s outfit which was way too cute. In the end, though, Kobayashi went with Tohru’s request to wear an outfit just like hers.

In the third story, Tohru starts looking for a hobby since she has free time. She ask the neighbors and Kanna. Of course, Tohru’s skills at everything is amazing because she’s a magical dragon. But Sone-san says hobbies require investment of curiosity and emotion. So even if you’re amazing at it, it’s not a hobby if you can’t be passionate about it.

Kanna suggests idol culture, then Tohru comes up with the brilliant idea of making Kobayashi an idol in her mind! She even makes Kobayashi merchandise and art! Should have seen this coming.

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