Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 4 Review - Kobayashi and Tohru Enjoy an Amusement Park

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with a focus on Elma for a change! Seems she’s great at coding now after Kobayashi helped her study. So Kobayashi gives her a fair share of work, the work Elma is originally supposed to do. Elma is shocked at being given so much work, but Takiya shares that Kobayashi actually does twice that much. She’s the “pillar” of their company.

Out of nowhere, Elma challenges her to a coding contest.

Back at home, Kobayashi discusses this with Tohru. Tohru claims that that’s just how Elma is - always challenging you to some odd contest.

The next day at work, Takiya sets the contest for the two of them. The two will do Takiya’s work while he takes paid time off! What a punk. Clever, though. So the two start coding. Break time comes by, but Elma doesn’t want to stop. She confesses the reason she challenged Kobayashi and why she wants to win.

In her experience, human allies her were pillars of their village became human sacrifices. She’s afraid that Kobayashi is sacrificing herself! I guess in a literal way that would mean her death. Elma wants to be the pillar instead so that Kobayashi doesn’t have to be.

Kobayashi flicks her on the head as punishment. And assures Elma that she doesn’t have to worry about that happening in these modern times. She then gives Elma a nice dessert and takes her out drinking after work to thank her for her concern. But Kobayashi and Takiya drink too much and let loose all their complaints to Elma, especially about her glasses and chest size! Poor girl.

In the next arc, Sasakibe-san enlists Tohru for the neighborhood watch because a suspicious person dressed all in black has been spotted around the area. The two run into some delinquents. Poor fools though they stood a chance against Tohru. One gets wrecked with a mere pinky touch by Tohru.

They run into Elma in the market who takes Sasakibe-san’s place. Then they go looking for the guy in black. And they find out it’s just Fafnir. He was outside wota dance training.

The delinquents come back in a large number and bring their biggest member. I thought all three dragons were going to beat them up, but again, Tohru blows them all away with ease by herself!

In the last arc, Kanna wants to go to an amusement park for the first time. So Kobayashi and Tohru take her and Ilulu. And Saikawa comes as well. Georgie is there, too, working in all kinds of silly mascot costumes.

Saikawa is in heaven with the two cute girls. And Kobayashi learns about amusements parks as it’s her first time. She enjoys the Victorian maid cafe the most.

In the end, Tohru thinks amusement parks are just humans trying to simulate the joy of dragon riding.

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