Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 5 Review - The Origin of Elma's and Tohru's Relationship

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I love this episode mostly because of Ilulu, but we’ll get to that later. The ep begins with Tohru and Elma snarling at each other as usual. Kobayashi thinks they must have been like this from the beginning, but the two correct her and share their story.

Long ago, Elma was passing herself off as a goddess of the holy seas to humans. Tohru notices this and questions why a dragon would do this, as they’re not supposed to interfere with humans. Elma explains that she has the power to end their conflict and give them resources like water, so she does so. In exchange, humans offer her delicious food.

The two intrigue each other. Elma is surprised to meet a Chaos Dragon that doesn’t immediately fight and destroy things. Elma proposes Tohru join her on her journey so that they can judge the world of humans together.

After a couple decades, the two finally had a falling out. Tohru couldn’t stand that Elma let the humans for a religion around her that led to class-based society, filled with disparity. Elma said she would have stopped things, but Tohru counters that Elma can’t be there for the humans forever. They’ve grown dependent on her.

The two end up fighting in dragon form, and it may be the best animated dragon vs. dragon fight yet in the series. Kobayashi concludes that the two can fight because they’re actually such good friends.

In the next story, Tohru tells Ilulu to stop being lazy and do some work. So Ilulu goes to the market with Tohru to find a job.

Eventually, Ilulu runs into two girls and asks to play with them. Coincidentally, those girls are friends with Saikawa and Kanna. They all play together at a candy shop called Oboro. The shop is owned by an old lady named Ms. Aida.

Ms. Aida is currently injured and wants her grandson to take over the shop, but he’s reluctant to do so. Ilulu asks to work there because she loves hanging out with kids. Ms. Aida agrees.

The grandson, Taketo, or Take for short, learns that someone is going to work at the shop. He has to bring a uniform for an adult man to the new employee. Then he finds out it’s a big uniform just because Ilulu’s boobs are too big!

Take’s only 16 and he’s definitely turned on by Ilulu’s figure. It’s hilarious that Ilulu doesn’t possess human embarrassment or shame about sexy things, so Take gets flustered over and over by her actions and words. It’s somewhat similar to Lucoa’s and Shouta’s relationship.

Anyways, the two end up liking each other as friends. Can’t wait to see more from them in the next eps!

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