Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 6 Review - Kanna and Saikawa Go on a Cute Walk

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 6 presented consistent themes of adulthood, growing up, and human/dragon bonding that wasn’t Tohru and Kobayashi.

The ep began with my favorite - Lucoa and her boobs. She tries to get in bed naked with Shouta to keep him warm. As usual, this freaks him out. Shouta decides he has to find out Lucoa’s weakness and use it over her so that she starts respecting him and stops teasing him.

Shouta spies on Lucoa and finds out she hates clothes, so he tries to give her a shirt. But it’s too tight because of her boobies and rips open. Then he tries hitting her with other things, but those are his weaknesses, not hers.

Finally, he visits Kobayashi and Tohru and tries to learn from them. But Tohru tells him that Lucoa probably already respects him, that’s why she stays with him, when usually she leaves.

Lucoa pops in, and she and Shouta walk home together. She overheard the conversation and explains that her weakness is losing a home. She was traumatized when she was driven out of a home she loved once. So now she’s scared of settling down. But Tohru finding a home with Kobayashi inspired her, and Shouta is the one who asked her to be there, as a familiar. Ay, nd she likes Shouta for being kind and doing his best.

In the next story, Takiya is worried because his parents want to visit his apartment. And he can’t get Fafnir to leave while they visit, because he’s excited about a new game.

Takiya asks Tohru if Fafnir has any weakness. She says if you beat him in a battle, he’ll respect you. But as weak human, that doesn’t help Takiya. So he hopes to get help from Lucoa.

Shouta comes, as Lucoa is off traveling. As a mage, he’s able to give him some tiny orb that will allow him to make a master-servant pact with Fafnir.

But Fafnir sees through this. And it doesn’t work on him. Fafnir coincidentally explains that the idea of growing into adulthood isn’t a concept to dragons. But he was curious (or inspired) by Tohru’s relationship with Kobayashi. So he let himself be vulnerable with Takiya to see what it’s like.

Anyway, Fafnir says he’ll leave for the visit if Takiya can beat him… in a video game battle.

And in the last story, Kanna and Saikawa take long walk along the river. It’s just cute and fun. The run into Elma. She’s in dragon form bathing in the river because the dummy forgot perception blocking. Saikawa sees this, but Kanna covers for Elma. And says the sight was just CG.

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