Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 7 Review - Kanna and Saikawa Investigate a Ghost Rumor

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep starts with an unusual pairing - Fafnir and Lucoa. But that’s okay, more Lucoa always makes me happy!

It seems Fafnir has some mysterious request so he asked Lucoa to come to him. Fafnir tried selling a book in the past at a doujin event with Takiya, but no one bought his book. Takiya recommended him to add images, so this time he’s making a manga. 

Fafnir loves hoarding treasure. Takiya said that when you make your own treasure, it’s even more precious. So that’s how he started created content.

But this time around, he needs a “vulgar woman” to pose for his artwork. He has Lucoa makes all kinds of crazy poses that even require her to change the shape of her body. That’s because his manga is pretty much a horror one where the evil woman seduces a little boy, just like Lucoa and Shouta’s relationship. And the boy wants to get back at her with curses!

After they finish their work, Lucoa asks if she can join Fafnir in his booth. She wants to sell a book of cosplay photos of her. Fafnir thinks her work won’t sell at all.

The reality? Lucoa’s book sells out. Takiya’s book sells out. And Fafnir sells nothing!

Fafnir also sends a copy to Lucoa’s home. Shouta sees it and it totally freaks him out. So does the “huge melons” book that Lucoa makes. Love it!

The next story is all about sleep. Tohru wakes up Kobayashi, who freaks out about waking up late. But it’s her day off. So she goes back to sleep.

Tohru runs into Emma and they discuss how they started sleeping when they joined human society. Dragons don’t need sleep so it puzzles Tohru.

Later, Tohru and Kobayashi have a late night conversation. Tohru asks Kobayashi why humans sleep beside the physiological reasons. And Kobayashi said, some human long ago probably invented it. Humans couldn’t do things in the dark, so one said, “Let’s sleep.” And a human feels lonely if everyone is sleeping, so that person sleeps, too. And it just caught on that way.

In the last story, Kanna, Saikawa and three of their classmates stay after school to investigate rumors of a ghost. It’s another cute kid’s adventure (all Kanna stories are). The kids find out that a window was making the spooky noise. But Kanna also spots a silly looking fairy with a big head and muscles.

Back at Kobayashi’s the fairy explains that it got lost in the human world. Ilulu makes a small warp gate for the fairy to go back home.

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