Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 8 Review - Tohru Nurses a Sick Kobayashi

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with Shouta walking the shopping district. He gets a reminder that Father’s Day is coming up. He goes home and Lucoa notices he’s acting a little different. Yes, my favorite, more Lucoa action! And this ep doesn’t disappoint with the gags.

She asks Shouta what’s up, and he says that he plans to make a talisman for “Chichi no Hi.” That’s Japanese for “Father’s Day.” But “chichi” can also mean tits, so Lucoa thinks he’s making a present for titty day. Lol Such a wholesome anime, but it doesn’t flinch at saying the words “tits” or “Titty.” Lucoa figures it’s a present for her, because she has such big titties.

Lucoa goes over to Kobayashi’s place and tells Kobayashi and Tohru about it.

Shouta does plenty of research and does his best, but his spells keep failing. Lucoa offers to help, but Shouta wants to do this all by himself. He believes he must. 

Fafnir and Takiya game with him and Takiya gives him some advice. To beat a game, think about what a developer wants and thinks. So to do a spell correctly, think of what the creator of the spell thinks.

So Shouta figures out he has to replicate the environmental conditions where the spell was first created. And it works! His father loves the gift. And Lucoa rewards him by put his head under her shirt in between her big boobs. Because it’s Tits Day.

In the next story, Kobayashi-san catches a fever. Tohru’s never been sick so she doesn’t know what to do. She gets advice from Ilulu and Fafnir, but both give poor advice, as they’re dragons. Lucoa finally gives good advice. She says to nurse Kobayashi.

Tohru makers her food, but she improvises and makes a gross dish. Still, Kobayashi eats it because she went to the trouble.

Tohru is still worried. She warps back to the dragon realm to find medicine that will cure Kobayashi-san. She searches far and wide.

Tohru comes back home. Kobayashi is already feeling better and just needs a bit more rest. But she sees Tohru worked hard to get the medicine. So she takes it.

But the next day, as a side effect, Kobayashi turns into a cat person! Which Tohru finds adorable.

In the last story, Ilulu notices an adorable doll has been left behind at the candy shop. She and Take go looking for the owner. First they start asking the kids who frequent the shop, but no luck.

Ilulu wants to return it to the owner, because she too had a doll once that she regretted abandoning.

Eventually, Kobayshi helps her find the owner. A girl who felt she was getting too old for the doll. But she did indeed regret leaving her at the shop. She was happy to be reunited. Another sweet episode between Take and Ilulu!

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