“Miss Shikimori Is Not Just Cute” TV Anime is decided! The 1000% short love comedy that has cumulative more than 1 million “Like” on Twitter

Anime January 15, 10:51 0
"Miss Shikimori Is Not Just Cute" which is being serialized on "MagaPoke" will get an anime adaptation.

"Miss Shikimori Is Not Just Cute" is a short love comedy by Maki Keigo. It is a popular work that has obtained 1st place in "MagaPoke General Election" and 5th place in "Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award" (web category).

After the anime was announced, the CM, which you can enjoy the "handsome girlfriend" Shikimori-san. The comments from the author Maki Keigo have been released as well.

Also, the first volume can be read for free and the "Let's aim for the trend! Gorgeous Present Campaign" will be held until January 8.

The broadcast period of the TV anime "Miss Shikimori Is Not Just Cute" has yet to be announced. Do look forward to the future announcement.

Author Maki Keigo

Thank you for the anime adaptation! I will be looking forward to it as an audience! Is this a dream? Please help me!

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