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On October 27, 'Say You to Yoasobi Tue [Shimono Hiro & Uchida Maaya] #18', featuring voice actors, Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya, was distributed on 'ABEMA'. In this episode, Shimono-san and Uchida-san appeared in costume for Halloween.

In this program, Uchida-san was in witch costume and Shimono-san appeared in a vampire costume in the studio with the staff also in costume. Shimono-san commented on Uchida-san's cute witch costume and glasses, saying "I like that look, Maaya-chan! Very good!" "Nice glasses! Thank you~!" she was highly praised by the audience. Uchida-san, in contrast, was also impressed by Shimono's bewitching vampire appearance, saying, "I like it! It's cool!" She was very excited. Shimono-san said, "I joined the high school girls and went to buy colored contacts to represent the vampire's red eyes," and revealed that he was enjoying dressing up for Halloween.

The viewers were excited to see them in their spirited fancy dress. 'Shimono-san is so cool!' 'You're both too cute that you will be arrested: ......!' There were many rave comments such as "I'm going to die from your cuteness" and "She's so sexy! ......".

In the corner "Let's take a purikura photo! Part 2" they were going to take a purikura photo in cosplay, when psychic comedian Kick made a surprise appearance in a mummy man costume. Kick was one of the "family" who often appeared on the second season of "Say You to Yoasobi" when the two were MCs on Wednesday. It was a reunion after a long time, Shimono-san and Uchida-san said, "You're here~! I've missed you~! I've been waiting for you! as the welcomed Kick.

A photo of them getting along well was released later in the delivery, with the three of them saying, "We are getting cute!" "That's good!" "You're out of sight!" It was as if they were back in their college days.

"Say You to Yoasobi Tue [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Marei] #18' is now being distributed on 'ABEMA'. If you become a premium member, you can watch "Say You to Yoasobi (Night Asobi) Premium [Shimono Hiro & Uchida Marei] #18' which includes limited footage.

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